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Roll7 release date announced for Not A Hero for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

Not A Hero, a 2D cover-based #shooter from OlliOlli developer #Roll7 and #game publisher Devolver Digital, is coming May 7, 2015. A release on PlayStation 4 and Vita will follow later on, in fall 2015.

Playing as Steve, the assassin hired by an anthropomorphic rabbit from the future named BunnyLord to clean up the city. Steve and along with a roster of not-heroes wreak havoc on the city’s criminal underworld with explosive gunplay that resembles the classic, Blackthorne.

The wild running and gunning will get you quickly killed, so savvy players have to rely on environmental cover, leaping and rolling around to gain the advantage necessary for blowing away their enemies. Random secondary goals and mid-level events like unexpected SWAT teams keep you on your toes.

“The Roll7 team really wanted to embrace the indie developer lifestyle by delaying the release of Not a Hero on several occasions for no discernible reason,” Creative Director John Ribbins said. “Unfortunately, we also have a publisher, so we have to stop messing around and release it. So, May 7 I guess.”

Not A Hero does not play like Roll7’s 2D skater OlliOlli, but it stands out for its simple-but-deep control scheme and bombastic sense of fun. The May 7 Windows release is coming to Steam, GOG, and Humble. Fans at PAX East will be able to get their hands on the beta in March.


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