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Roots of Insanity violent FPS coming after initial launch

roots of insanity violent fps coming to linux after windows pc

So Roots of Insanity is a #violent fps/tps, survival horror game coming to Linux, after the Windows PC release. While the game is designed and developed in Unreal Engine by Crania Games. Hence #gameplay tells the tale of Dr. Riley McClein as he tries to #survive through a maelstrom of first-person horror and mystery in the August Valentine Hospital. While also struggling with his epileptic attacks.

It’s just another late shift at August Valentine for Dr. Riley McClein. That is, until the night takes a turn for the worse when reality begins twisting into horror and chaos. So the player has to determine what is real and what isn’t as Dr. McClein. Hence trying to rescue your patients and uncover what is happening in this new eerie version of your hospital. Reality hasn’t left you entirely behind though; while you attempt to survive the night, Dr. McClein must also deal with the epileptic attacks. Can you hold onto reality in Roots of Insanity?

Linux release:

“We have a plan for Linux and MacosX port after release game. Actually we want to release our game’s macos and linux version one or two months after our game release if would be possible.”

Explore August Valentine Hospital in the new release date trailer:

Roots of Insanity is immersive combat system lets you hack, slash, kick, and shoot your way through August Valentine Hospital as you fight through this night of unexpected chaos. Experience the tale of Dr. Riley McClein as he tries to uncover what is going on at the hospital and deal with his own condition, as reality shifts around him in Roots of Insanity.


  • Roots of Insanity is a FPS / TPS horror game designed and developed in Unreal Engine.
  • Immersive combat system lets you hack, slash, kick and shoot as you fight for your life.
  • Unique storyline with many unexpected twists and turns.
  • Optional areas to be discovered and explored.
  • Random loot system.

Add Roots of Insanity to your Steam Wishlist now! For more information about Roots of Insanity, visit, and be sure to follow @rootsofinsanity on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news and updates!

Roots of Insanity will be available on Steam for $9.99 USD April 3rd, 2017.

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