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Roterra 4 and Roterra 3 coming to Linux

roterra 4 newly hand-crafted puzzle game and roterra 3 are coming to linux with windows pc

Roterra 4 and Roterra 3 puzzle games are coming to Linux with Windows PC. Due to the commitment of developer DiG-iT! Games to offer further platforms. Which is working its way onto Roterra 4 Steam and Roterra 3 Steam.

DiG-iT! Games is eager to announce the release of Roterra 4 – Magical Revolution, arriving on App Store on January 31, 2023. This is a blockbuster of puzzle content with over 70 newly hand-crafted puzzles. Doing so across 35 levels for hours of challenging fun. Chapter 4 in the chart-topping series delivers a unique journey to test you through the fairytale world. Full of gravity twists, scrambled paths, and rotating blocks. Players will travel through mysterious lava-filled caves. They will also explore icy extremes and devastating deserts, and interact with the world of Roterra 4 in new ways. Ride polar bears, fend off attacking scorpions, and spin your world upside down. Along with new mechanics in new settings. On top of that, Linux support is also coming.

A Linux port is planned to be available on Steam for both Roterra 3 and Roterra 4 hopefully within the next 60 days. It would be our first port to Steam for this series. We have already tested it running on SteamDeck.

Thanks to the Dig-It! Games email reply, a Linux build is coming for both games. Plus there is a focus on the Steam Deck, for all those looking for something different. There is no release date yet, but as stated, within the next 60 days. Plus the developer will be putting up a short version of the game for testing before they go live.

Roterra 4 – Magical Revolution Official Trailer

Roterra 4 continues the Roterra gameplay, graphics, and fairytale storyline that have earned numerous accolades from Apple editors. But with even more twists and outlook shifts.

The previous chart-topping and highly rated games in this series, Roterra—Flip the Fairytale, Roterra Extreme—Great Escape, and Roterra 3 – A Sovereign Twist, have all been recognized by App Store Editors in Collections such as New Games We Love, Games with Amazing Art, Incredible Indies, and Pretty Cool Puzzles and Game of the Day selections. With the upcoming Roterra 4, the series continues to earn high ratings from players for its pick-up and play design, innovative gameplay, clever puzzles and stunning graphics. The Roterra games are easy to start, hard to put down, and uniquely fun. Sometimes changing your point of view can make all the difference.

Coming soon: Roterra 3 and Roterra 4 will be available on Steam on March 30th for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Along with support for Steam Deck too.Due to make its way onto Roterra 4 Steam and Roterra 3 Steam.

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