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Roto Force is all spin, shoot, conquer

roto force twin-stick shooter game in a rotating world launches on linux mac and windows pc

Roto Force twin-stick shooter game in a rotating world launches on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. All credit for the intense journey goes to the imaginative team at Accidently Awesome. Available with a discount on Steam, itch, and Humble Store.

You’re a fresh intern for a team known as Roto Force. Your job? Taking care of the business your boss is too busy to handle. This job is also packed with adrenaline-pumping excitement and high-speed action. A twin-stick shooter that is due to push your skills to the next level.

Similar to flying through a kaleidoscope of vivid and striking landscapes. One moment, you’re deep within a treacherous jungle, while the next you’re navigating a city entirely built from slime. These are not your everyday, humdrum locales. These are due to extraordinary adventures waiting to be conquered by a true Roto Force hero.

At your disposal, you have an arsenal of nine different weapons in Roto Force, each with its own unique flair. These aren’t just ordinary tools of destruction. Each has a design that will help you unleash mayhem in your very own style. Want to spin while firing bullets? You can do that. Want to rain down an explosive light show of projectiles? You can do that too. The power is literally in your hands.

Roto Force – Trailer

But here’s the key: the Roto Force journey isn’t just about shooting in a rotating world. It’s about facing off against not one, not two, but close to 40 different bosses. And trust me, these aren’t your average enemies. These are epic battles that will demand your quick thinking, sharp reflexes, and spot-on timing. Can you step up to the challenge?

Roto Force is all about accommodating your pace. Whether you’re looking to blow off some steam in a quick afternoon session, have a lazy weekend blast, or you’re preparing for a week-long grind, it’s your call. And if you’re feeling skilled, crank up the difficulty for an even wilder ride. There are also plenty of options available to tweak the experience to your liking. Want to take things slow or increase your damage? You can do so.

What you won’t find in the game, however, is random, procedural generation or a bombardment of colors. This Linux game is a meticulous creation and sticks to a striking, color palette limit for a truly unique and engaging visual experience.

So, get ready to fill out that form and start your job with the Roto Force. It’s not just an internship, it’s a twin-stick shooter adventure in rotating world. Available with a 10% discount on Steam, itch, and Humble Store. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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