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Rotund Rebound precision platformer announced

rotund rebound precision platformer game announced with demo for linux mac windows pc

Rotund Rebound precision platformer game announced for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Dahku. The games due to arrive on Steam, but there will be an open Demo next week.

Two-brother team Dahku has officially announced Rotund Rebound. Due to release on Steam for Linux, Mac, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One on January 21st, 2021. There’s no end of great 2D platforming games out there. But when discussing hardcore precision platformers specifically. Many gamers’ lists certainly start and end with Super Meat Boy, VVVVVV, and Celeste. Rotund Rebound aims to breathe new life into the genre. While taking its place alongside these titles.

Rotund Rebound – Announcement Trailer

Rotund Rebound‘s terrain isn’t solid and the character is always bouncing. So this combination makes every scenario dynamic and every movement significant. Mastery of timing and energy is repeated by an outstanding millisecond clock. So that each level is a solid standalone experience built around a Time Attack concept. Awarding medals based on performance. Rotund Rebound never forces players to get a fast time to proceed. But the entire gameplay design has speedrunning in mind. From its ample stat tracking to its snappy menus and speedy respawns.

Play the Demo:

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“For many, speedrunning is a mystic art of complex and seemingly impossible maneuvers,” said Paul Burns of Dahku. “By focusing instead on the nuance of basic fundamental motions. Rotund Rebound intuitively opens the door for newcomers to share in the thrill of speedrunning. It’s amazing how hitting a single block at the right angle, moment, and speed. This can change how an entire level plays out. Finding moments like that is where the game shines brightest.”

Platforming fans will have the chance to try Rotund Rebound. Since the game will be in The Steam Game Festival. The Summer Edition runs from June 9th through to June 14th. Likely for Windows PC, but there may be a Linux build.
The open ended demo will feature a fun chunk of the adventure’s first world. And measure file progress to 100%. With the precision platformer game announced for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Also, a target Release Date of January 21st, 2021.

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