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Roundabout chauffeur game hits Linux, Mac and Windows PC Sept. 18

Roundabout, the wacky game in which you #drive a constantly rotating limousine, will be released Sept. 18 on Linux, Mac and Windows, and a PlayStation 4 version is set for early 2015, #developer No Goblin announced today.

The studio revealed this past February that Roundabout was on its way to Xbox One. Both the PS4 and Xbox One versions are scheduled to be available “very early in 2015,” according to No Goblin. The company said in a press release that a PS4 version of the game “has been our most requested thing on Twitter.”


  • Open world puzzle game where you play as a constantly revolving limousine.
  • Cutting edge “Full Motion Video” tells the rise to fame story of Georgio Manos, the world’s first revolving chauffeur.
  • Explore the world! Pick up passengers, find secret collectables, purchase properties, compete in side challenges, and more.
  • Earn money through passengers and real estate, then spend it all on new upgrades, paint jobs, horns and hats.
  • Dedicated eSports speedrun mode, achievements, emoticons, trading cards and more.

Roundabout will be available on PC through Steam and the Humble Store, and if you buy the game at either of those retailers, you will get a Steam key. No Goblin will be selling Roundabout for $14.99, but is offering a pre-order price of $11.99 (20 percent off) on the game’s website. A pre-order is also available for the Deluxe Edition for $15.99 (20 percent off the regular price of $19.99). The Deluxe Edition includes the Roundabout soundtrack; a digital art book; an annotated screenplay for the FMV sequences; early pitch videos; “Georgio Cam,” the first-person playable prank; and early builds of the game.


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