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Rover Wars robot RTS has a release date

rover wars robot rts game has a release date for linux mac windows pc

Rover Wars new robot RTS game is due to release soon on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to a recent email from developer Sakari Games. And it’s coming Steam sooner than you think.

Rover Wars has a nice local multiplayer system. Since the game allows up to 8 users to join the game. While avoiding couch conflicts. So Sakari implemented some brilliant AI to battle cooperatively. There are always 2 teams and each side has a maximum of 4 Rovers. During the battle, players can even switch teams or add some AI. And it’s all due to release on April 17th. According to the recent email from Sakari Games.

Rover Wars Reveal Trailer

Rover Wars started as a side scrolling splitscreen gamejam game. The concept of building various factories, so that each spawned different units. While the player runs around attacking units to gather resources. Creating a balanced gameplay loop. Then the studio decided that the 2d aspect limited the possibilities. And like likewise, a top down map with different layouts is a better choice. Since this means having the players rethink their game strategy. As the map itself changes.

To avoid Rover Wars being only local multiplayer, bots where introduced. The bots turned out to be pretty smart. Therefore, this means that the developer had to dumb them down. So they would not overrun the players.
Also, a mini campaign serves as an introduction. Plus Rover Wars can be played in co-op (or Remote Play Together). So that players can drop in at any time. This even counts for the battle mode. Where the game will balance itself by adding bots when players drop in. Obviously you can customize battles to your needs too.

What’s included:

  • Explosions? Yes, lots of them!
  • Many maps? Yes, 17.
  • Local multiplayer? Yes, up to 8 players can join Rover Wars.
  • Different environments? Yes, there is a dusty Mars planet, a freezing ice world and a mossy place to fight in.
  • Online play? Yes, We integrated Steam Remote Play. With a decent internet connection it works very well.

Rover Wars robot RTS is due to be priced at $9.99 USD / €9.99 EUR, $10.99 CAD / £6.99 GBP. Coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC on April 17th.

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