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RUINER Beta is finally here on Steam

ruiner linux beta is finally here on Steam

RUINER the hit shooter release a Linux Beta finally. So can experience all of the new additions from the Annihilation update. Along with a brand new Arena: Colosseum mode. Arm up and return to Rengkok South for more adrenaline-pumping action. Face hordes of enemies in a fight to death. While working to finish all 10 stages. Complete the Colosseum challenge and bask in everlasting glory.

In the April 4th update on Steam. Reikon Games outlines some stability issues:

“It’s not yet super stable and bug-free. But we’ve fixed major blockers and issues. And you should be able to play RUINER on Ubuntu 16.04, Linux Mint 18.3, Debian 9, Fedora 27 and SteamOS. Other versions have not been tested. We’re still polishing it, so we’ll dearly appreciate any feedback.”

RUINER – Launch Trailer (Windows, Linux)

How to play the RUINER Linux Beta:

Just switch to the “Linux” branch and download the game. Easy!
(Hard? Navigate to the game’s Properties -> Betas and choose the relevant branch.)
We’ve hidden a cosmetic feature in the game for you, so keep looking for the tiniest easter egg ever.

There’s a sliiight chance you may experience performance issues. If you do, please install proprietary video drivers (NVIDIA, Radeon) or Mesa.
In case of video-related issues, install VLC 3 and its dependencies.
Also, make sure that all your drivers are proprietary and up to date.

Now, if you prefer gamepads over keyboard and mouse, you’ll need ds4drv for Dualshock or xboxdrv for Xbox controllers. Get those!

It should be all sunshine and rainbows from here.

Since you could encounter bugs, crashes or anything else wrong with the game. Just add a new thread on the RUINER Steam forum or email Reikon Games directly at [email protected]. Also make sure to write “[Linux]” at the beginning of the email subject line.

Steam and Humble release:

So if you or someone you love is looking to become a remorseless psychotic killer. RUINER is available now on Steam and Humble Store, priced at $19.99 USD.
Also, further details are available at, and follow on Twitter @RuinerGame.

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