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RUINER bosses and the coming Linux support

ruiner bosses and the coming linux ubuntu windows games support

Reikon and Devolver Digital’s cyberpunk shooter RUINER to hit Windows PC on September 26th. Since the team’s revealed four of the game’s brutal bosses in a new gameplay trailer. The games also due to make a debut on Linux and Ubuntu after the Windows release. But…..

Hello Linux-lovers,

Your involvement in RUINER community is awesome and heart warming.
The reason why Linux was removed from the store page is that it will be coming a little bit later.

We originally planned to launch RUINER for PC, Mac and Linux at same time, but we faced some technical challenges in the later stage of the development and porting the game to consoles.

As soon as we launch the PC, PS4 and X1 versions, we’ll focus on the remaining platforms. You can expect an update in a couple of weeks.

We’re sorry if we caused confusion with the mixed messages.

To sweeten the waiting time a little, we can reveal that there will be a small surprise coming together with the RUINER Linux version.

Stay tuned!

Yours truly,

So for those who do not know, RUINER development uses Unreal Engine 4. Therefore a native release should be a given, right?
However it seems that UE4 games, it takes more effort to port to Linux and Ubuntu. So that being said, the Steam Discussion confirmation for the post release is reasonable. Yet I have to admire how Reikon Games admit how they couldn’t release cross-platform support. So no release date is available. The confirmation for Linux, Ubuntu and even Mac though, I like that.

RUINER – Boss Bounties:

Heavy Cyborg
Still in production. One of NagaShiwa Corps’ first and most successful designs. Different models are designed after different animals, arming with different kinds of killing tools, from adamantium claws to grenades; the mythical Minotaur being the favorite. Slow and crude but strong as hell, heavy cyborgs can rip you a new one.

Like most of the Triad troops that experience brainwashing, not much is available about his origin. He goes by many aliases, but is set as Shadow on INTERPOL’s latest terrorist watch list. No one younger has been accused of committing more murders. Currently, he is wanted for genocide and crimes against humanity.

Captain Bogdan
War criminal wanted for civilian mass executions during the 2054 Balkan Uprising. His augments are antiques, but still frighteningly effective. Also wanted for armed robbery, aggravated assault, and extortion.

An enormous, sentient machine, Mother powers Heaven’s sprawling security network. Taking control of almost any device or machine in any environment she’s connecting to. She has a particularly ruthless, even sadistic personality that makes her frighteningly effective. Subjecting her adversaries to sick games before their final execution. Her power is absolute.

Therefore, expect to see RUINER available on Steam, GOG and Humble Store on September 26th. The Linux and Ubuntu release is coming sometime after the Windows release.

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