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RUINER gets an official native release on Steam

ruiner gets an official linux release on steam for ubuntu games

Developer Reikon Games have an official Linux release for RUINER on Steam. So now out of Beta, we now have a brutal cyberpunk action shooter. Also available for purchase on Steam, GOG and Humble Store for $19.99 USD.

RUINER – Launch Trailer (Linux, Windows)

Official release on Steam:

So according to the recent post via the Steam Discussions. The games Linux release of the final version is here. Checking my library, going into the Beta’s tab and selecting None, all good.
Also Reikon Games stated they will release a Linux build on GOG, “available soon.”

RUINER is a brutal action packed action game. The fact that we have such a build available on Linux is quite fortunate. Since playing RUINER not long after the release. Gameplay is both fun and challenging.

So the story takes place in 2091 in the cyber metropolis of Rengkok. The sick psychopath tries to overcome the corrupt system in order to save his brother. Coming to the aid of a mysterious friend, a hacker. Combine supernatural forces, special tools, and an arsenal of fallen enemies. All to destroy the corporation of virtual dealers HEAVEN.

Since your abilities will be tested. Players will have to fight with HEAVEN. The corporation behind the entertainment networks. Bringing real sensations to people in virtual worlds. The disguised character will use a fantastic set of weapons and gadgets. Along with a combination of combat and tactical techniques. Working to save his loved ones and reveal the truth of Rangkok.

RUINER features lightning fast combat that requires a delicate balance. An overwhelming, brute force, and elegant strikes to overcome all manner of savage opponents. Blast through crowds or slow down time and hand select your points of attack. While doing so before unleashing a storm of violence on the battlefield. It can be crazy fast and best played with a controller.

If you or one of your loved ones wants to feel like an unrestrained psycho with a steep video helmet, visit or Twitter @RuinerGame.

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