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Rule Britannia games Immersion Pack for EU4

rule britannia immersion pack for eu4 in linux mac windows games

Rule Britannia Immersion Pack for Europa Universalis IV announced for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games getting more content, so great empires can look ahead.

So keep your traditions in mind. But also, the past should be a guide, not a fetter. Break from the old faith. So you can release from centuries of squabbling on the continent. Separating from old modes of production.

Stride boldly into a future of new science and power guaranteed. Using that of the sails backed by our army. So rule, Britannia.

Rule Britannia is a new immersion pack for Europa Universalis IV. Immersion packs are designed to add greater depth. And also focus on the historical legacy of a particular region. Rule Britannia takes the history of the British Isles as its priority.

Europa Universalis IV: Rule Britannia – Announcement (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Rule Britannia’s features include:

  • New British Missions: New exclusive Mission Trees for England, Scotland and Ireland,
  • Industrial Revolution: Highly developed provinces may produce coal in the late game, fueling higher productivity and greater wealth.
  • Innovativeness: Earn rewards for being the first nation to unlock new knowledge, including lower power costs.
  • Naval Doctrine: Adopt a general strategy for your fleets, giving you bonuses to ship maintenance, trade power or battle performance.
  • Anglicanism: A new Protestant faith can appear in England with new bonuses and religious choices.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Help your lagging allies or subjects by promoting the spread of institutions in their realms.
  • Trade Steering: Force your defeated enemies’ merchants to fill your coffers.

Rule Britannia’s game improvements are packaged with

  • New Unit Pack: New army designs for British nations, including regional Irish units and revolting nations like Northumberland or Cornwall, as well as new music.
  • New Music: Our composers have been hard at work writing new songs to quiet the stormy seas of commerce.

Steam and Paradox games:

So Rule Britannia Immersion Pack for Europa Universalis IV will be priced at $9.99 USD. The games new content is going to be available via Steam soon. While pre-order’s are now open via Paradox Plaza.

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