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Run Roll Rumble beat em up releases today

run roll rumble beat em up game releases today on windows pc linux

Run Roll Rumble the beat em up game releases today on Windows PC, but has Linux support plans. Thanks to the development work of
Matthew Marcellino. And the support of publisher Benua Softworks. The indie game is now live on Steam.

Run Roll Rumble beat em up brawler launches today. Bringing with it a bit of challenge. The games is also unlike other projects from the publisher. Since it is born out of college boredom. This is a side hobby for their CTO Matthew Marcellino Jermia. Turned into a game now available to the public.
In partnership with Matthew, they have polished the art and gameplay. So now under Benua Softworks, Run Roll Rumble hopes to be a full out game played by family and friends. Even strangers, since the release comes with online multiplayer. Along with an old school feel, since it is a couch brawler too.

Linux Support:

  • Engine Used : Unreal Engine 4
  • Linux Port : Planned

So as you can see, there is Linux support planned. Since the multplayer side of Run Roll Rumble is in Beta. Which I have not tested yet via Proton. But I can confirm Platinum functionality so far. Which is a solid work around until the full Linux release. There is no release date for the native build yet.

Run Roll Rumble Teaser (Windows PC, then Linux)

What makes Run Roll Rumble unique? Gameplay takes place in a city theme. Ordinary people that have superpowers. While a chaotic fighting platform up to 4 players. This also challenges players in a fun way. Which is apparently obvious in Practice mode. Since you have to get your attacks in fast.
You can also create rooms, join rooms, fight AI or Human. The game is simple and light weight. With just under 1000 MB and 2GB of RAM. So you can play with smooth frame rates.

Run Roll Rumble is inspired by classic old games. Such like Digimon rumble arena, Crash Team Racing, to Supersmash Bros. Even games like Brawlhalla and Gang Beasts. The settings take place in ordinary neighbourhood. The characters are angry office workers with rage and superpowers. Gameplays is about fighting, casting spells and survival.

The beat em up releases now on Steam. Launching on Windows PC, but very playable on Linux using Proton 4.2-9.

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