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Runemagic 2.0 update coming to Malmyr

runemagic 2.0 game update coming to malmyr for both linux and windows pc

Runemagic 2.0 game update coming to Malmyr for both Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of developer Ziegler gamedev GbR. Which continues to receive Positive reviews on Steam.

Towards the end of the week, Malmyr‘s biggest update to date will be released on Steam. Due to adding a series of changes while expanding the gameplay even further. The Runemagic 2.0 update introduces 18 new rune words. Also loads of new ways to use and acquire runes. In addition to that, it will contain localizations to German, French, and Russian. A multitude of UX/UI and game mechanic improvements. Since this ensures that the update raises Malmyr to an even higher standard of quality. Doing so in all aspects of the game on October 30th.

Malmyr – Runemagic 2.0 Trailer

Malmyr gameplay will go a step further in Runemagic 2.0. The base gameplay is still all about planning and optimizing complex production chains. In each of the royal missions, the rules change and you are always challenging anew. What is it about the magical dwarven runes? Can you combine the runes correctly to master even the greatest challenges?

Malmyr is a story driven building game about production chains and automation expanding with Runemagic 2.0. All while taking heavy inspiration from games like the Settlers, Anno, and Factorio. In comparison to these, you are not going to build a huge city or factory. So the goal is to take a puzzle and logic oriented approach to solve the missions. It looks easy at a quick glance but gets very complex. Even the Runemagic 2.0 update will make the challenge harder with every mission. A big part of Malmyr is the constant, rather slow pace and the fitting sound design.

Runemagic 2.0 update will release October 30. There will also be a 30% sale on Malmyr for the launch of the Runemagic 2.0 update on Steam. The base price is $14.99 USD / 12.49€ / 11.39 £ / 360 ₽. Along with continuing support for Linux and Windows PC.

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