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RUNGORE Beginner Experience and Linux

rungore beginner experience and linux support for the roguelike deckbuilder game via windows pc

RUNGORE Beginner Experience and Linux Support for the roguelike deckbuilder game via Windows PC. Which is the result of the work from developers YOUR_MOM’S_HP and RavenJm. Which is still going strong on Steam with Overwhelmingly Positive reviews.

A free version, RUNGORE Beginner Experience with card game mechanics – check. Real time battles – check. Silly humor – check. If this isn’t the game of your dreams, what is it. Also there are hidden memes everywhere.

Have you ever dreamt about a world where you don’t need to follow typical rules? Doing so for your favorite card game? Like, making turns, or use a finite amount of mana \ energy \ AP or whatever. If you answered “yes” then RUNGORE Beginner Experience is for you.

We will definitely try to implement Linux support.

Publisher GrabTheGames email explains that they are pushing the developers to offer a native Linux build. Fortunately the RUNGORE Beginner Experience is also Steam Deck Verified. Although if there is even a Dicussions thread, should you want to offer further Tux Luv.

RUNGORE Beginner Experience Launch Trailer

I will push the developers to add linux builds for our prologue now.

RUNGORE Beginner Experience is also heavily inspired by Slay The Spire and Loop Hero. It takes all the good parts from those games and smashes them together until they stick.

This version is a prologue for the full game, and its features are:

  • Idle battles (very exciting)- Non restricted card-play. Have you ever wanted to play 100 cards during one encounter? Well, now you can
  • 3 heroes with different strategies for each one to explore
  • 3 levels to assert dominance over random mobs
  • Psychopathic tutorial guide

RUNGORE Beginner Experience roguelike deckbuilder game is Verified Linux Steam Deck via Windows PC. The Full Version should be ready in Q1 2023 via Steam. There is a Dicussions thread should you want to offers your support for the Publisher

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