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Rush Hour mode out now for Rail Route

rush hour mode out now for the rail route game on linux mac windows pc

Rush Hour mode out now for the Rail Route game on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. All to the ongoing creative efforts of developer Currently available on Steam Early Access with 95% Positive reviews.

Rail Route announced that the new Rush Hour mode is available. Rush Hour dismisses the relaxed gameplay of the current modes. But instead offers an exciting fast-paced gaming experience. Players must face waves of moves, each more of a test than the one before.

Rail Route – Rush Hour Update Trailer

Starting on a map with just five platforms. Rush Hour also challenges players to construct the ideal route with a limited number of tracks. And that’s just the beginning of the chaos. A finite number of automatic signals that can be setup. Due to automatically guide trains to their destinations provide much-needed respite.

Key Features:

  • Face ever heavier waves on trains.
  • Use a limited number of tracks and signals to build efficient routes.
  • Have fun with the new Level Editor features that allow players to create their own Rush Hour levels.

Rush Hour also features a heavily condensed tutorial that provides a hands-on learning experience and gets players up and running in minutes for the rush of speed that awaits them. During gameplay, they may then encounter an opposing character who will hinder, challenge, and sometimes unwittingly help them. This character is a first look at the upcoming story mode “The Story of Jozic”. Rail Route fans can look forward to a lot of new content with this update, but also in the future

Rail Route‘s fourth major game update bring the Rush Hour mode. Also promises to be a fast-paced ride, with all the goodness of Rail Route in a short action-packed experience. While paving the way for future updates to come throughout Steam Early Access. Priced at $15.99 USD / £12.39 / 13,99€ including the 20% discount. With support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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