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Rust update now lets you dress other players while they sleep

The latest update for Rust not only lets you loot another player without killing them but also allows you to give #sleepingplayers items and even dress them up in new clothes.

The update, which is coming to the game’s experimental server branch, was confirmed by #developer Garry Newman on the Rust official developer blog, alongside a new addition to the game which finally brings death into the game and allows players to loot corpses.

Speaking to Newman, we were told that the ability to dress sleeping characters is actually a bug; However, he intends to keep it in the game.

“It’ll probably stay in,” he tells us. “It’s really part of the ability to undress sleeping players (to steal their clothes without killing them). I can’t think of a legit reason for dressing sleeping players, but I’m sure it will emerge.”

Newman plans to bring about these changes sometime this week to the game’s experimental server, stating in the recent dev blog:

“My plan right now is to polish up what we have, get it playable and error free next week. At this point I think we’ll have a strong enough foundation to let GPS start hosting servers and start implementing real shit.”

The game is currently getting updates on this server as part of its “reboot,” while the original default server on Steam is no longer being updated.

Rust is available for $19.99 on Linux, Mac and Windows PC though Steam Early Access, where the open-world game launched last December. By late February, it eclipsed $30 million in sales.

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