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S.C.A.R retro shooter is looking for native testers

S.C.A.R retro shooter is looking for native testers on linux windows pc

S.C.A.R (SCAR) retro shooter is looking for native testers on Linux, which already coming to Windows PC. Thanks to indie developers Savage Studios. Due to arrive in Steam Early Access next month.

The visceral over the top shooter S.C.A.R has a new release date. Due to arrive onto Early Access on July 16th. Which also happen to have a plable able Demo during the Steam Summer Festival. The games is also very playable on Linux using Proton. Since developer Savage Studios are using Unreal Engine 4.

S.C.A.R is a retro inspired shooter. Where the relentless hordes of demonic creatures have only one thing on their mind. Your untimely demise, shredded to oblivion in the belly of hell. The pace is unforgiving, the task hopeless as you deal out ballistic justice. All with the aid of shotguns, grenade launchers and death dealing rocket launchers. While making your way through each level with your grappling hook. Looking to gain the advantage over your relentless foe in SCAR.

Linux Support:

Trying to reach out to the developer via email, no reply. Therore I took to the Steam forum, garnering the following reply:

Hello, we are currently working on our windows build. We are going to try a cross-compile from our windows machines for Linux. But since we are still at home due to the pandemic. We don’t know if and when we will be able to test the cross compiled build. We would love to see S.C.A.R on Linux. The platform is getting traction and proton is an amazing achievement on the part of valve. If you want to help us you can jump on our Discord server. And we can provide a Linux build so it can be tested. We can’t upload a build to steam that we have no idea if it’s running properly or not. So we would love the community’s help on this one.

The retro shooter is looking for native testers for S.C.A.R. But the developers are asking for feedback via Discord. Mind you I’ve also advised about Linux build in the Beta branch. Either way, you can put your name in the hat.

S.C.A.R – Gameplay reveal trailer

The S.C.A.R gameplay teaser video gives players a sneak peek. Letting you check out the foreboding game environments and nightmarish corridors. Even the caverns that await them when episode one of the game coming to Steam. Due to arrive on July 16th.

With a nostalgic nod to the epic shooters of yesteryear. S.C.A.R‘s shamelessly relishes its opportunity to bring that visceral fast paced action. Screaming back to the present day. Due to arrive on Steam Early Access for Windows PC next month. A single player single level with further demonic episodes follow later this year.

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