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Sacred Stones difficult platformer’s release

sacred stones difficult platformer release in linux and mac games

Sacred Stones is a hardcore and difficult platformer game for Windows on Steam. But the games also coming to Linux and Mac now. Since gameplay as a strong emphasis on boss fights.

Linux release:

“We’ve used GameMaker Studio, so we can export to linux version also. First, I will create an OSX version and then plan to port it for Linux as much as possible.”

So there have been some setbacks for the game to run on Ubuntu. Since that is developer NoxBiX test system. Which means obviously we will have a Linux release after the Mac port.

Sacred Stones Official Trailer (Windows, then Mac and Linux)

Then Sacred Stones is the perfect retro-platforming indie-game for you. While still a unique blend of retro-2D boss based gameplay. Explore the pixelized world, gathering items and weapons. All to help guide you to victory!

Created by Sungjun Jo (NoxBix), Sacred Stones’s retro-feel comes from its appearance. Also The soundtrack (created by “..P”), and its gameplay; Sacred Stones is retro to the core. The sensitive input controls complement the linear and challenging gameplay. You will find yourself jumping and shooting. While running and fighting your way to the end of the game. While you uncover new weapons & areas across the map!


The difficult platformer on Steam:

So Sacred Stones is available now on Steam Early Access for Windows at $11.99 USD. Which is playable via Wine. That being said, waiting for the Linux release would be the ideal.

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