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Saga of Sins story arcade gets a Demo

saga of sins story arcade game gets a demo and release date for linux windows pc

Saga of Sins story arcade game gets a Demo and release date for Linux and Windows PC. Which is the creative work from developer Bonus Level Entertainment. Giving players a chance to play on Steam.

German developer Bonus Level Entertainment is keen to reveal the release date for their upcoming expiatory story arcade game. Saga of Sins is due to release on March 30th, 2023 along with the Steam Deck.
So now, you can discover the game’s new trailer with the Seven Deadly Sins. This also includes their own settings within the game, fully revealed. Fully? Wait for the full release and you’ll know.

Saga of Sins – Release Date Trailer

Sins have entirely bedeviled the villagers‘ minds. So you will have to defeat each of those demonic entities. Doing so through two action levels and one final epic boss fight in Saga of Sins. Resulting in 14 action levels and 7 boss battles.

Switch between your demonic creatures on the fly

  • Howling Werewolf
    Howl at the moon and produce sound at a frequency that can shatter cracked glass to reveal hidden secrets.
  • Fierce Gargoyle
    Certain objects in Saga of Sins, such as boxes or braziers, can be set on fire with the Gargoyle’s Fire Breath. Due to clear the path, unlock secrets or solve riddles.
  • Mighty Griffin
    Only the Mighty Griffin can climb special walls covered in vines. Due to reach new heights, discover secrets, or outflank enemies.
  • One final more secret transformation…
    Powers of this last terrifying creature might surprise you… Will you be brave enough to discover and tame it?

Additionally, there are 10 puzzle and skill-test levels in Saga of Sins. You can also enter the minds of innocent villagers in the story arcade game.

The Steam Demo is also available for Windows PC. But Linux gamers have the privilege of using Proton. Which actually plays quite well. So you can be the firsts to visit the villagers’ minds and heal them from the curse that pervades into Sinwell. Plays as Cecil, our hero, and his first demonic creature: the howling werewolf. Visit the spirits of the first villagers intoxicated with excess in the Gluttony Levels and triumph over its terrifying Boss: Hogissimus!

Saga of Sins will also be featured during the Steam Demo Festival starting Feb 6th, 2023. Along with exclusive live sessions and interviews!
In the mean time, be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam. Which is due to release on Linux and Windows PC on March 30th.