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Saga of Sins RPG will get a day-one release

saga of sins action adventure game will get a day-one release for linux mac windows pc with steam deck

Saga of Sins action adventure game will get a day-one release for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC with Steam Deck. Thanks to the commitment and dedication of developer Bonus Level Entertainment. Working to make its way onto Steam later this month.

German developer Bonus Level Entertainment are getting to release their expiatory story-arcade game Saga of Sins. The digital edition will be available on March 30, 2023. Where you play as the righteous cleric Cecil. Who can also enter people’s minds by shape shifting into four unique demonic creatures. Such as a howling werewolf or a fierce gargoyle. All due to fight the seven deadly sins and free the plague infested village of Sinwell. Every creature in Saga of Sins has its own unique skills. These can also be upgraded with gold dropped by enemies. So, once you unlock them, you can switch between the creatures on the fly. Each featuring a brutal Power Dash.

Saga of Sins – Release Date Trailer

To top things off, I’m currently playing the Saga of Sins native Linux build. Which is a unique style of gameplay but does offer creative features. Plus its a pleasure to see Bonus Level Entertainment not just opting for Proton support. But due note, the game is fully compatible with the Steam Deck too.

Also, if you are mindful, the Release Date Trailer is shows off the settings for the seven deadly sins. Each sin / setting comes with two action levels and one final epic boss fight. This also results in 14 action levels and 7 boss battles. On top of that, there are 10 unique puzzle and skill-test levels in the game. So you can enter the minds of sinners and innocent villagers alike.

Saga of Sins is an unholy action adventure game. One that also features a mystical storyline and rewarding arcade gameplay. So you can immerse yourself in a world of stained glass inspired by the Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch. Due to get a day-one release on Linux, Steam Deck, Mac, and Windows PC. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.