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Sailor: Age of Corsairs simulator offers hope

sailor: age of corsairs sandbox crew simulator game offers hope for linux with windows pc

Sailor: Age of Corsairs sandbox crew simulator game offers hope for Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to details from developer Crimson Lion Entertainment. Due to make its way onto Steam.

Sailor: Age of Corsairs brings an exciting chance to try the life of a 17th-century sailor. Working as a merchant, sailor, or pirate – the choice is yours. Join colonial powers or fight for gold and freedom in an epic sandbox crew simulator.

Sailor: Age of Corsairs gives the players the choice of what they want to become on the waters of the 17th century Caribbean Sea. But the game is not due to offer day one support for Linux.

Not planned for day-one release, but if there’s more players interested in Linux/MAC port then we’ll consider it.

Since theg game does not have an release date, “it’s a bit too early” to pinpoint Linux. But at least there is an active thread on Steam. Giving the community time to upvote Linux support. Not to mention, the trailer looks inspiring.

Sailor: Age of Corsairs – Announcement Trailer

With many sandbox elements and crew simulations Sailor: Age of Corsairs bring a gust of fresh wind. The role of the ships’ captain puts many responsibilities on the player. Pay attention to crews morale, keep your officers loyal and take care of their health. The Caribbean waters are treacherous and full of traitors so you will need to proceed carefully.

In Sailor: Age of Corsairs you are the captain of a 17th-century ship on its maiden voyage to the Caribbean Sea. Once you arrive there it is completely up to you which path you take, but know that every decision you make is going to have repercussions.

  • You can become a fearless pirate, the terror of the seas. It is a quick route to wealth, for sure, but a perilous one.
  • You can be a merchant—buy low, sell high is the strategy of yours, but beware the pirates and other merchants.
  • Finally, you can choose to join one of the colonial powers – France, Spain, England, and the Netherlands, and fight their cause for their gold!

Sailor: Age of Corsairs is a sandbox crew simulator game. Due to release first on Windows PC. While offering sincere hope for Linux as well. So be sure to add it to your Steam Wishlist.