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Saint Kotar support due after developer is satisfied

saint kotar linux support for the game is due after the developer is satisfied with the windows pc build

Saint Kotar Linux support for the game is due after the developer is satisfied with the Windows PC build. According to recent details from developer Red Martyr Entertainment. The game is currently available on Steam and GOG. Offering up 74% Mostly Positive reviews.

Currently, point and click psychological horror detective game Saint Kotar makes its way to the Steam Awards. The annual user voted event that celebrates video games published on Steam. With the Steam Autumn Sale under way, players can nominate Saint Kotar for the Steam Awards under the ‘Outstanding Story-Rich Game’ category. Despite only offering Windows PC support, currently.

Where is the much promised Linux support?

Linux and Mac will be released sometime after we’re completely satisfied with the current state of the Win version and the cutscenes will then work as they should be.

According to the developer reply in the Steam Discussion, Linux is still coming. Obviously, there are some issues being addressed with the Windows PC version. But it looks like a video format issue for Linux, so far. Although the developer’s reply sounds as if the game is in Early Access.

Saint Kotar – Launch Trailer

A new update went live. This focuses on fixing remaining bugs and issues, new sound effects, and animations. Also a complete voice over overhaul that replaces several characters’ voice overs in the game. You can also check out the voice comparison video uploaded by SOEDESCO. This shows a big difference between the old and new voice overs.

New vs. Old Voice Over Comparison

Saint Kotar is a story and choice driven point and click psychological horror game. One with a dark and twisted story centered on devil worship, murder, and the occult. The Saint Kotar story takes place in a fictional cursed valley in Croatia, called Sveti Kotar. Here you switch between two characters as you unveil the horrid secrets of the town. All while taking the role of Benedek and Nikolay. These two troubled godly men go out to search for a missing woman in an ancient rural town. One that is also full of macabre murders and strange phenomena. These are allegedly related to occult rituals of devil worship and witchcraft.


  • Delve into a psychological horror point and click adventure
  • Live Saint Kotar‘s branching stories and influence the game’s ending
  • Experience the dark world through its hand painted graphics and fully voiced story
  • Alternate between two heroes and affect both their stories. As well as the fate of other characters with your actions

Saint Kotar point and click psychological horror detective game is available Steam and GOG. While only offering Windows PC support, a Linux build is still coming. Currently priced at $24.99 / £22.99 / 24,99€.

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