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Salt and Sacrifice co-op action is Verified

salt and sacrifice co-op action rpg game launches steam deck verified and playable on linux via windows pc

Salt and Sacrifice co-op action RPG game launches Steam Deck Verified and playable on Linux via Windows PC. Thanks o the imaginative minds at Devoured Studios and Ska Studios for bringing such an adventure to life. Available on Steam with 73% Positive reviews.

So, there’s some exciting news for those who are into challenging action titles. Salt and Sacrifice, the successor to the widely acclaimed “Salt and Sanctuary,” has officially landed on Linux via Windows PC and Proton. And yes, it’s fully compatible with Steam Deck.

The game throws you into the boots of a Marked Inquisitor. Your mission? To take down Corrupted Mages that are causing chaos in the Altarstone Kingdom with their twisted elemental magic. The journey starts at Pardoner’s Vale, where you are due to choose from eight different initial classes. Each class has its unique strengths, so pick one that aligns with your style and dive into the fray.

The Salt and Sacrifice setting is full of daunting foes, traps, and sections that’ll test your platforming skills. As you traverse these zones, you’ll gather intel that’s also key to tracking down the Mages. And when you do find them, be ready for intense showdowns. From fire-wielding Pyromancers to toxin spewing Venomancers. All the way to the ghastly Corpumancers who twist the elements for their own vile purposes. Each adversary will push your abilities to the limit. Defeating them isn’t just about winning; it’s also about absorbing their power. Due to create stronger gear to face the next challenges.

Salt and Sacrifice Launch Trailer

Now, if you’re the type to enjoy teaming up or facing off against others, there’s good news. Salt and Sacrifice supports cross-platform play, so you can join forces in co-op action RPG sessions or jump into PvP confrontations. Doing so regardless of what hardware your friends are using. The Pardoner’s Vale Cooperation Board is your go-to for organizing team-ups. Use the Golden Candle for random pair-ups or join factions that open up even more Salt and Sacrifice multiplayer options.

“The Traitor’s Tomb” update is now out, free of charge across all platforms. This isn’t just a small addition – it’s a massive new area called the Heart of Altarstone. It’s brimming with secrets, new characters, additional formidable bosses, and gear that’s waiting to be discovered. Plus, for those with a competitive streak, there’s an arena for six-player clashes where you can prove your mettle.

For those on the hunt for a game that offers a blend of exploration, combat, and strategy with a side of competitive play, Salt and Sacrifice. The co-op action RPG is available Steam Deck Verified and playable on Linux via Windows PC. Priced at $17.99 USD / £15.07 / 17,55€ with the 10% launch discount on Steam. So gear up and prepare to cleanse the Kingdom of its mage menace.

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