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Samsung and LG go head-to-head with online game streaming for their TVs

Gaming services without a console for tv’s


Samsung and LG have revealed their own online gaming-streaming services that require no console, just one of the manufacturers’ high-end televisions.

Samsung has joined forces with cloud gaming service Gaikai for what it’s calling Samsung Cloud Gaming, while LG’s OnLive Cloud Gaming service has been demoed at E3 on LG Smart TV with Google TV (G2 Series).

Both services promise instantaneous gaming as a range of titles are pulled from the cloud and streamed direct to your internet-enabled TV.

To access the games from a Samsung TV, gamers will need to navigate their way through the Samsung Smart Hub, arguably a clever ploy by the manufacturer because it leads the consumer through other things on offer beside video games.

LG, in the meantime, is adding a range of 3D titles to its catalogue, which can be played with the aid of LG’s Cinema 3D glasses.

To play a game via Samsung Cloud Gaming, controllers will need to be plugged into the TV, whereas LG’s offering uses wireless controllers and 30 minutes’ free gaming before you decide if you want to buy the title. However, both versions mean there’s no need for a console or additional wiring.

We’ll reserve judgement until we have an extensive play with both, but on paper LG’s OnLive Cloud gaming service just shades it – largely because you can play a multiplayer mode against your friends over the internet which splits the screen into four, allowing you to see what they’re seeing.

Samsung Cloud Gaming will initially be available on Samsung 7000 series and higher-end 2012 LED Smart TVs, while LG OnLive Cloud Gaming will be available to LG G2 TV users.