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Samurai Riot coming to Linux after PC launch

samurai riot coming to linux mac after the games windows launch on steam

Wako Factory, a French indie development studio, is keen to announce #SamuraiRiot. Since their 2D, solo or co-op Arcade Beat’em Up is expecting to launch on Windows this September. Yet it would be great to see a Linux build on #Steam. So we just received an email from Wako Factory for the #games upcoming release.

Hi Todd,
Thank you for your mail! 🙂

Samurai Riot is planned for a Linux release shortly after the PC launch. Our game developer is a Linux user, so it’s a important subject for him!

So to back this up with the Greenlight page, which also outlines Linux. And even though this will not be a day-one release, we are still also keen for Samurai Riot. The crazy looking combat hearkens back to the days Mortal Kombat.

Therefore gans of this genre can look forward to a visual treat. Where a backdrop story compels the player to really think about their decisions in game. With the ramifications of their choices . Since taking employment to bring peace and tranquility to the warring land. Each choice you make as a Samurai, Tsurumaru/Sukane, will have an influence on your destiny. So with an arsenal of deadly attacks at your disposal. This means you will fight to make it through each battle will require guile, skill and forethought!

“The main inspiration in the creation of Samurai Riot is really simple. We always love playing cooperative games, especially arcade style and each other. Having felt that there are not enough local cooperative games to play, so we decided to develop our own Beat’em Up, that focuses on the co-op experience.” said Kevin Buchet, game designer at Wako Factory. “Since we are also big fans of Japanese history and we have spent a lot of time on the backdrop story of the game. Where you have to make the decision on what you would sacrifice in order to preserve your honor as a samurai. And feel that our game seamlessly mixes traditional Japanese elements and mythology, in a fresh and modern take on the classic genre.”

Samurai Riot offers a plethora of choices and features including both solo and cooperative play, where the story immerses both players equally, with a multi-branching storyline, complete with eight different endings. Conversely, you could enter a PVP fight against your partner to win the lead! The more you play, the more you accumulate points to unlock new fighting schools for better replay value.

Easy to pick up and play, but difficult to master. Samurai Riot rewards the more demanding gamer with deeper content. Steam players can choose from 14 fighting schools that add a plethora of gameplay variation. All adding to the character’s moves and the devastation they can unleash upon their enemies.

Samurai Riot Features:

  • A unique cooperative system with devastating combined attacks
  • Multi-branching storyline with moral decision making
  • 8 different endings
  • 2D Arcade Gameplay
  • Strong replay value: change your gameplay by choosing between various fighting schools
  • Superb in game music and SFX

Samurai Riot will launch on Steam in September 2017 for Windows. While the price comes in at $14.99, £10.99, €14.99. Expect to see a Linux and Mac release there after. No set release dates have been given yet. So stay tuned.

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