Sandra and Woo available via Steam [Linux]

sandra and woo available via steam in linux games

Since I can imagine what you’re thinking, point and click adventure? While that is what Sandra and Woo brings to #Steam available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Yet gaming is based on the popular and name giving webcomic. While featuring six chapters and the #games total playing time of at least 10 hours.

“We wouldn’t have been able to develop our game without the massive support by the open source communities.
The game was built with a budget of zero by using tools like Blender, Gimp or OpenOffice.
Also only being able to download ubuntu for free and set it up enabled us to develop a Linux port.”

So now players get to take on the roll of Sandra and Woo in a video game. Hence the very first time this has taken place. Solve tricky puzzles, combine cool objects to make even cooler objects. Only with your aid, your genius, your bravery and your good looks will it be possible for our heroes to escape from the cursed adventure unscathed!

Sandra and Woo Features

  • Official game with characters from the popular web comic “Sandra and Woo”
  • Diversified game mechanics with cutting-edge riddles and mini-games
  • HD resolution game world designed with loving care and great attention to detail
  • Elaborate character animations similar to those in the comic
  • Fully voiced dialogues in English and German combined with an atmospheric soundtrack

Since developer Feline Fuelled Games has put three years of hard work into their upcoming adventure. The team chose the Visionaire Studio adventure game engine.
So besides the core team, the development has support from a vast number of helpers. Due to 2D and 3D artists, programmers, voice actors, musicians, writers. While also including Oliver Knörzer and Powree – the writer and artist of the webcomic.

Sandra and Woo in the Cursed Adventure launches in the wrong monitor [temp fix]:

We have an issue where the game launches in fullscreen, but in the wrong monitor. So the temporary fix, just edit the “config.ini” in the game files.
Right-click the game in your Steam Library. Select Properties, click the Local Files tab, then click Browse Local Files. Here is where you can find the config.ini file. So just open it using Notepad via wine, or the text editor of your choice. Then switch Fullscreen to No, save and exit.

sandra and woo launches in wrong monitor sandra and woo launches in wrong monitor fix

So from here you will be able to drag the game window to the correct monitor. And yes, this means playing in Windowed mode. Feline Fuelled Games are looking into a fix for this.

Sandra and Woo in the Cursed Adventure is available and currently released via Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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