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Sands of Aura action conquers on Deck

sands of aura action adventure game lets you conquer on steam deck and its playable on linux via windows pc

Sands of Aura action adventure game lets you conquer on Steam Deck and it’s playable on Linux via Windows PC. Developer Chashu Entertainment deserves applause for their hard work and dedication. Available on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store with 80% Very Positive reviews.

Sands of Aura action is a remarkable creation by Chashu Entertainment and published by Freedom Games, leaves Early Access. This is big news, especially since it’s also Steam Deck Verified. This means that those using Windows PC will enjoy smooth gameplay, and it’s even better on Linux through Proton.

Stepping into Talamhel, a land cursed by the Night Plague, transforming it into a vast sea of sand. This is where your adventure begins. As a member of the Order of Remnant Knights, the last hope for humanity, your mission is to confront and destroy the rising darkness. The combat? Sands of Aura has intense and unforgiving action, a true test of skill, demanding precision and strategy. Plus, the story isn’t just a backdrop; it’s also captivating, drawing you in from the very first sword swing.

Now, let’s talk about combat styles. There are seven different approaches you can master. What’s fantastic is the level of customization at your fingertips. You can also mix and match armor, weapons, magic, and consumables to suit your unique play style. This isn’t just about fighting; it’s about crafting a character that feels entirely yours.

Your journey isn’t confined to just the land. You’ll take the helm of the Grainwake, a ship that’ll take you across the harsh wastelands. Each battle, each boss you face, won’t just be a test of your skills; it’ll offer rewarding loot. Due to force you to make choices that could shape the fate of this crumbling world.

Sands of Aura | 1.0 Launches into Action

In the midst of Sands of Aura action, there’s a place of peace: Starspire. This sanctuary offers a moment of respite, accompanied by the hauntingly beautiful music of Eduardo Lopez.

Michael Shistik, the Creative Director, emphasizes that with version 1.0, they’re delivering an experience filled with exploration, challenges, and a world that, despite its darkness, shines with resilience and kindness. It’s clear that community feedback has been a cornerstone of their development process. Fans have also likened it to having an art style similar to Tim Burton, the exploratory essence of Wind Waker, and the challenging combat akin to Souls-like titles. And as a result, it seems they’ve aimed to meet and exceed these expectations.

Sands of Aura is a thrilling blend of RPG action, winning hearts with its detailed world, captivating art, and top-notch voice acting. Players relish the intentional combat, similar to Souls games, and enjoy finding secrets in a beautifully crafted setting. The title’s evolution from Early Access to a polished 1.0 version showcases a commitment to player feedback. While offering diverse character customization and unique combat mechanics. With comparisons to classics like Diablo and unique twists on familiar formulas. Sands of Aura is hailed as an engaging, well worth it action adventure, receiving glowing its blend of challenging gameplay, engaging story, and overall enjoyable experience.

So, get ready, as Sands of Aura action adventure game delivers 1.0 on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store. It’s all that it promises to be, rewarding as it is challenging. Since its Steam Deck Verified and playable on Linux via Windows PC (Proton).

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