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Sands of Ulminin the new Deck-Building DLC

sands of ulminin DLC releases for across the obelisk the co-op deck-building game for linux mac windows pc

Sands of Ulminin DLC releases for Across The Obelisk the co-op deck-building game for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the hard work of Dreamsite Games, we have this gem. Releasing on Steam with 72% Positive reviews.

Let me break the Sands of Ulminin DLC for the world of deck-building adventures, especially for fans of card battling activities on Steam. Paradox Interactive, has just welcomed Across The Obelisk into its main lineup. Which was originally part of the Paradox Arc project, designed to spot promising games. Due to be a nurturing ground for small creations, helping them grow into the big hits of tomorrow.

Why is this significant? Well, in just a year since its release on August 16, 2022, Across The Obelisk has taken the Steam community by storm. Since over 350,000 copies have been sold to eager players like you and me. That’s not just a number; it speaks volumes about how appealing and deep experience it is. Now evolving into the Sands of Ulminin DLC on Linux.

Sebastian Forsström, the lead person at Paradox Arc, even remarked on how the game ticks every box of what they’re aiming for. Since it includes depth, replayability, and a strong connection with its audience. Adding even more content with the Sands of Ulminin DLC. Similar to finding an indie band and then they suddenly make it big; it’s that level of pride and excitement.

Across The Obelisk: Sands of Ulminin DLC

Now, if you’ve ventured into the lands before, there’s more to look forward to. The brand new expansion Sands of Ulminin is out. Here’s what’s included:

  • Desert Adventures: Work through desert canyons and unravel pyramid secrets.
  • New Characters: Two new heros join the story.
  • New Challenges: Whether you’re in Act 2 or Act 3, there’s a fresh zone with unique enemies and allies.
  • Lord Hanshek: In Sands of Ulminin, this evil entity is your main enemy. Gather allies to tackle his menace.
  • Cool Mechanics: “Scourge” and “Zeal” add twists to combat. Since they influence how battles play out.
  • Fun Additions: From three pets you can get to a layered pyramid exploration. There’s a lot to uncover.
  • Combat Twists: Keep an eye out for scarabs during battles. Tackling them gets you good rewards!

But remember, adventures like these are not just about battles and strategies. They’re also about stories, decisions, and how every choice can lead to a different outcome. Dive in, and may the cards be in your favour.

If you’re already eager and ready to explore, jump onto Steam and check out Sands of Ulminin. Priced at $19.99 USD / £19.99 / 19,99€. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Plus its also Steam Deck Playable.

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