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Sandwalkers exploration roguelike to get a port

sandwalkers exploration roguelike game is due to get a port for linux mac and windows pc

Sandwalkers exploration roguelike game is due to get a port for Linux, with Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to details from developer and publisher Goblinz Studio. Working to make its way onto both Steam and GOG.

Publisher and indie developer Goblinz Studio announced Sandwalkers during the Gamescom Awesome Indies event. Doing so along with an all new gameplay trailer.

Sandwalkers is a turn based exploration roguelike. So you can put together and guide a caravan of adventurers. Work your way through ever changing, changing landscapes. Coming with authentic climatic chaos. These desperate pioneers will have to brave all dangers to take the land. Doing so at the mercy of monsters and pirates. All in order to establish a new city of refuge for their people.

Developer Goblinz Studio event confirmed Linux support via the Discussions post. Simply stating:

Yeah we will support Mac & Linux 🙂

The original Sandwalkers Steam page listing did not include Linux in the mix. The only hint was a product listing after doing a search on Steam. Now the developer has actually updated the store page to reflect support. Which is certainly a pleasure to see.

Sandwalkers – Official Reveal Trailer


  • Guide a caravan of adventurers through ever changing landscapes.
  • Fight and survive in the face of acid rain. Including sandstorms and heat waves.
  • Tame hostile creatures, rescue refugees, and seek allies for mutual aid. You can also follow the blood path and loot everything you can.
  • Seek rich arable soil in Sandwalkers to plant a new tree city for your people.
  • Progress by passing on your knowledge to a new caravan.
  • Repair the broken climate, and put an end to centuries of wondering.

Added Features:

  • Make choices that will affect your future journeys.
  • Each character has a different job that greatly influences the Sandwalkers gameplay. So it’s up to you to explore mythical ruins as an Archeologist. You can also track down huge beasts as a Hunter.
  • Don’t underrate the weather! It affects the movements of the characters and the outcomes of fights.

So be sure to add Sandwalkers exploration roguelike to your wishlist on Steam or GOG. The release date is still TBD. Stay tuned for further game details.

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