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Sanity of Morris survival horror due to find support

sanity of morris first person survival horror due to find support for linux and windows pc game build

Sanity of Morris is a first person survival horror due to find support for Linux beside the games Windows PC build. According to indie developer Alterego Games. Who is also working towards a Steam release this year.

Alterego Games announce the release of their second title, Sanity of Morris. This is also a psychological horror adventure game. Oddly enough, coming from the developers of Woven (Linux, Mac, Windows PC). The story follows a young man trying to stay sane in the search for his father. While consumed by conspiracy theories about the government and alien signals.

Sanity of Morris also takes place in the remote Greenlake. Where you come to visit your father, but nothing is as you expected it to be. Forces are at work that don’t want you there, and they are armed.

Needles to say, the gameplay inspired the inquiry into Linux. Since the Steam page only shows Windows PC support.

However, as with Woven, we have multiplatform-advocate. Lead developer, business owner and saviour of the day Dominic de Graaf. Who has donned his cape and made it his personal mission to make sure a Linux port happen.
Our first priority is getting the game finished for the announced platforms, and budget is (as always) tight. So no promises as of yet. But we will do our best. Linux gamers deserve it.

At first thought, it seems sketchy. But Sanity of Morris is still in heavy development. Therefore the small Dutch indie team are eager to issue a Linux port. Keeping up the good vibes and intent as Woven. So this may or may not mean a day one release with native support. Sen they are eager to “squeeze every bit of performance and graphic novelty from” Unity 3D.

Sanity of Morris Announcement Trailer


Equipped with nothing more than a flashlight and a notebook. It is up to you to step into the shoes of Johnathan Morris and discern truth from fiction. Light reveals the clues you need to find your father. But also alerts the ones who are trying to hunt you down. Darkness keeps you hidden, but linger for too long, and you might go insane.

Also, be sure to download the Sanity of Morris Demo. The game runs well using Proton 5.08. Not bad for an Alpha build to be completely honest. But this is a survival horror. So if you’re not a scardy-cat, then you’ll want to check it out.

“We wanted to create something new and exciting. But also keep doing what we’re good at; storytelling. So for Sanity of Morris we took from Woven the adventure genre. Having collectibles and working with a strong narrative. But then we added a whole layer of psychological horror in the music, in the visuals, and it’s really unnerving! In this game, you will start to question John’s reality. It makes for an engaging experience, like an interactive movie. Perfect for escaping daily life. And we can all use that right about now.” – Dominic de Graaf, Creative Director.


  • Use your flashlight to reveal and interact with clues.
  • Crouch and sneak your way past enemies undetected.
  • Collect audio tapes, secret files and hidden pictures for your journal and create a timeline of events.
  • Balance seeking out new information against avoiding stress, or you might lose your sanity.
  • Discover the truth about your father and his alien conspiracies. Has he gone crazy…. Or have you?

Unique in Sanity of Morris is the way you will have to put yourself at risk. Exposing yourself to the light and enemies that can see you. While you desperately search for clues and hidden messages left behind by your father. It’s a psychological horror with a detective adventure game twist.
Sanity of Morris first person survival horror due to find support. Headed to Windows PC, but holding Linux somewhere secret. So be sure wishlist now on Steam.

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