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Sapiens expansive building sim to expand support

sapiens expansive building sim game is due to expand support to linux with windows pc

Sapiens expansive building sim game is due to expand support to Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to some detailed feedback from developer Majic Jungle. Which will release on Steam Early Access soon.

From Majic Jungle comes a city builder for the ages. Sapiens is an expansive building sim where players are the architects of a brand new prehistoric world. Beginning with a handful of tribe members, you’ll need to evolve your primitive hunters. Then grow their numbers and lead them in creating a thriving society that spans thousands of years. Due to make its debut during Steam’s Summer Next Fest. While players can carve out their new world from June 13th.

Linux Support

Sapiens uses a custom engine which I have developed myself alongside the game. The engine uses SDL and Vulkan, as well as many other cross platform libraries.
I’m not promising a Linux port at this point, as a solo developer, my resources are limited. But if the game does well, I do plan to open it up to more platforms in the future.

In the email reply, developer Majic Jungle explains further. There is also no technical reason why the port would be difficult. The lack of Linux is due to being able to support another platform, which does take time. So when releasing on Early Access (due to remaining for a couple of years), as a solo developer, its not possible offer a native Linux build of Sapiens just yet.
But the good news, Majic Jungle did explain that some testers have the game working well using Proton. Plus the developer is also working on a standalone server which has a Linux build. So, most of the code-base does already running on Linux. Even more so, multiplayer is coming some time after the early access release, with a focus on co-op play.

Sapiens Early Access Trailer

As the heart and soul of the game, your Sapiens are key to expansion. Whether you send them to explore far-off lands to discover fresh resources or task them to build transportation networks. Using the right management your tribe’s size and influence can rapidly expand. It will be down to you to manage their mood, build them shelters, keep them happy, and preserve their resources. With every aspect of the game and its world are intractable. Even right down to placing every wall, seat or fireplace, you will need to figure out how your settlement is built and maintained.

With a deep technology tree to unlock new abilities. This allows sapiens to build tools and improve living conditions. Players will also need to pay close attention to map regions. Some bring their own unique challenges, with weather effects and seasons. All playing a key part in maintaining your tribe, their settlement, and its prospect of survival.

Alread due to add extensive mod support upon Early Access through Steam Workshop. Sapiens can be Wishlisted now on Steam. Prospective sapiens can also check out the developer’s vlogs for more background on the game. Early settlers can join the Discord and look out for more content when Sapiens hits the Steam Next Fest this month. The expansive building sim will arrive on Windows PC, then at some point, Linux.

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