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Save your Nuts arena party game still incoming

save your nuts arena party game still coming to linux windows pc

Save your Nuts arena party game is still coming to Linux beside Windows PC. According to developer Triple Scale Games. Currently available on Steam with 91% Positive reviews.

Developer Triple Scale Games eight player couchplay and online party games has a full release. Save your Nuts includes content previously absent from Early Access. While adding in a new intro cinematic and two new arenas. As well as two new gameplay styles soccer and basketball. Two new unlockable bonus items: cannons and giants. Also a host of bug fixes and quality of life improvements. But there is still no Linux support. So once again, reaching out to Triple Scale we have good news.

Linux Support:

Now the game is released on the main platforms. We are going to have more time to include other ones like Linux.
I love this OS so I really want to release the game on it.

Since Save your Nuts just launched on Steam. There is no time frame for the Linux build. But it is still coming to thanks to development using Unreal Engine 4. Therefore, hopefully the port is straight forward.

Party animals can test their skills with the title’s free demo. That is if you want to test Save your Nuts on Steam. The demo features a tutorial teaching newcomers how to play the game. There is also solo gameplay with bots. Or with a group of up to eight local players. It also allows players to check out two of the game’s exciting arenas. Both the park and the garden. And the game’s Capture the Nuts mode. Where an acorn is dropped and teams fight to score it.

Apart from the Capture the Nuts mode, Save Your Nuts includes Thieves, a war to steal multiple enemy’s nuts while protecting your own team’s, and Battle, a fight to determine who will be the last animal to keep their nuts intact. Each of the game’s three modes is playable across 10 different arenas ranging from backyards and parks to castles, ships and even outer space! These maps are filled with unique hazards and power-ups that help players turn the tide of battle.

Save Your Nuts – Official Release Trailer

Up to eight players can compete locally, online or against challenging AI opponents to be the greatest nut defender the neighborhood has ever seen. Save Your Nuts is compatible with Steam’s Remote Play Together feature, which allows up to seven friends who don’t own the game to join the fun from their own abode. Players simply need to select the Remote Play Together option for each person they’d like to invite on their friend list.

Save Your Nuts is easy to play but hard to master, featuring challenging AI and interactive environments that keep fans on their toes. It’s the perfect game for a real-life or online party with friends, as it includes a trio of unique modes and 10 exciting stages to wreak havoc in. The title is accessible, too, and invites those who don’t typically play video games to enjoy its competitive and cooperative gameplay at their own pace. Solo players won’t miss out on the fun, as Save Your Nuts is endlessly replayable and includes an array of adorable, customizable characters to dress up. If you ever wanted to bust some nuts as a beaver in a sombrero, look no further.

Save Your Nuts arena party game is out now on Steam. Available for Windows PC, priced at $14.99 USD/£11.99 GBP. Since the release is coming to Linux next.

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