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Save Your Nuts releases chaotic arena party support

save your nuts releases arena party chaos game with linux support beside mac windows pc

Save Your Nuts chaotic arena party game releases Linux support beside Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Triple Scale Games. Which is now available with a discount on Steam. Not to mention Positive reviews too.

Save Your Nuts is a cooperative and competitive game. One that is certainly easy to pick up but difficult to master. The simple rules and the intuitive controls make the game accessible. So that every kind of player can play. While the team play, the special character’s abilities, and the interactive environments will challenge competitors.

Save Your Nuts – Official Release Trailer


  • Couch Party from 1 to 8 Players
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Easy to play but hard to master
  • Replayability Save Your Nuts with 3 game modes and 10 interactive environments
  • Customizable and complementary characters
  • Accessible, Cooperative and Competitive
  • Challenging AI

Can you handle in your face, physics driven soccer confrontations? While playing with over eager squirrels, crafty felines, rowdy raccoons. Plus armored armadillos and clueless doggos. Are you ready to make daring plays alongside your teammates? Then grabbing food power-ups, and tackle your opponents. All so you can steal their nuts right from under them. If you are ready, Save Your Nuts is the multiplayer game of complete mayhem. Even novices can jump in and do some damage. Score some points thanks to intuitive controls, a gradual learning curve, and solid controller support.

Gameplay Modes

  • Capture the Nut: 
    Collect nuts one by one before time’s up. You have only 5 minutes to collect 5 nuts. Once the buzzer sounds, the team with the most nuts wins the match. If the score is tied, the game goes into overtime!
  • Thieves:
    Steal nuts from the other team’s safe house. Fight for more than one nut at a time. Do you love Save Your Nuts chaos? Because chaos is what you get with this gameplay mode.
  • Battle:
    Take out the opposition. Above all be the last one standing to win.

Save Your Nuts chaotic arena party game releases on Steam. Priced at $9.89 USD including the 34% discount until June 22nd. Available with Linux support, beside Mac and Windows PC.

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