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Scarlet Hollow Episode 2 releases the horror

scarlet hollow episode 2 releases the choice driven horror via linux gaming mac and windows pc

Scarlet Hollow Episode 2 releases the choice driven horror via Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to indie game studio Black Tabby Games. The latest content is available on Steam along with a discount.

Episode 2 of the choice driven horror adventure visual novel Scarlet Hollow releases now. While you are visiting the dying Appalachian coal town for the funeral of your long lost aunt. You also find yourself embroiled in a generations long mystery. One that threatens an entire town. The game features hand drawn art and writing from award winning graphic novelist Abby Howard. Known for her work in The Last Halloween, Junior Scientist Power Hour, and The Crossroads at Midnight.

Scarlet Hollow Official Trailer

Scarlet Hollow has been acclaimed for its masterful blend of humor and horror. Originally funded on Kickstarter raising $81k with the support of 2,726 backers. As a result, its success has led to winning the runner up prize for AT&T Unlocked Games.

Episode 2 Features:

  • A heavily branching story where your choices matter. The ties you forge and the decisions you make in Scarlet Hollow will also greatly alter your journey.
  • Terrifying and funny. Charming characters and snappy dialogue flip to pulse pounding horror in Episode 2. Doing so at a moment’s notice.
  • A complex relationship system that changes how characters act around you. Characters don’t just like or dislike you. Become friendly rivals, bitter enemies, best friends, or mild friends. Which you can do with everyone in town based on how you approach the story.
  • Trait based dialogue and role playing. 21 different character builds change how you interact with the world. And also how your story unfolds in Episode 2.
  • Original monster designs inspired by Appalachian myths and cryptids.
  • Five romance options in Scarlet Hollow. Whether you’re into goths, dads, Youtubers, or mysterious recluses. Even lo-fi beats to study and water your plants too. Black Tabby has all your bases covered.
  • Mountains of hand drawn and traditionally inked sprites and backgrounds. Every background in the game is drawn by hand and inked on massive 19×24 inch paper. Each major character has dozens of hand drawn sprites that interact with backgrounds. Which also capture a full range of lighting, emotion, setting, and outfit changes.
  • A chilling original soundtrack.

While Scarlet Hollow releases Episode 2 now. The games also discounted 10% on Steam, dropping the price to $17.99 USD. While continuing to offer support in Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC.

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