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School of Magic new roguelike reflects on support

school of magic new hack and slash roguelike reflects on support for linux windows pc

School of Magic is a new hack and slash, roguelike for Windows PC, but reflects on Linux support. Thanks to indie developer PartTimeIndie. Announcing the game coming to Steam.

School of Magic is the creation of PartTimeIndie. Or rather, solo developer Nikolas Crisci who is announcing his next game. Due to release on Windows PC. But that doesn’t mean Linux is being left out.

I am using Unity as an engine. Maybe once I get closer to release I can try running it on Ubuntu.

Developer Nikolas is quite cool about a Linux port for School of Magic. However, he is a one man team and will try out a build for Ubuntu. Since he has no experience with the platform. But the Unity 3D engine does make it easier. And since the game does not have a release date yet. This gives PartTimeIndie time to test. And even though this is an announcement. I’m rather impressed with the game so far and welcome a Linux port.

You have decided to apply to the School of Magic. But you can’t find the wizard exit to the magical world they created as an entrance exam. It is almost as if they don’t want anyone to pass. But will not going to stop you. Try again and this time you have to combine the right spells to overcome the challenges.

School of Magic Reveal Trailer

Deckbuilding is a pretty new video game mechanic. And current games have not been as immersive as typical real-time games. PartTimeIndie wants to change that with School of Magic. Where you play a hack and slay roguelike but during the leveling process. You also create your own unique build via the deckbuilding mechanic. So that leveling in School of Magic means facing difficult decisions such as.

  • Do I need an AOE spell or should I restore some life now?
  • Should I wait for this spell to level up or will it be removed on my next level?
  • This ice spell is so awesome, but I already increased my fire damage, is it really worth it?

Besides leveling and killing monsters. You will meet weird characters like Madam Sasa. The fortune teller that helps you get a glimpse of your future for a small price. If you are able to make the right decisions School of Magic. Then you can find the exit to this magical world. Fulfilling your dream to become a real wizard.

School of Magic hack and slash, roguelike, deckbuilding now has a Steam page. Coming to Windows PC, but Linux is yet to be tested. So, by all means, make sure to Wishlist.

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