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Sclash samurai fighting will hit Proton first

sclash 2d samurai fighting game will be playable on linux via proton first with windows pc

Sclash 2D samurai fighting game will be playable on Linux via Proton first with Windows PC. A hearty shoutout to Bevel Bakery for their ongoing assistance and contribution. Which is due to make its way onto Steam and Humble Store tomorrow.

We have some good news straight from the geniuses at Bevel Bakery and the folks over at Just For Games and Abiding Bridge comes Sclash. It’s a wicked 2D samurai fighting showdown that’s due to launch on August 4th, 2023.

Sclash puts you into the role of a samurai, every muscle tensed, eyes locked on your rival. The air thrums with tension, and you know that the next move could be your last. In Sclash, one successful slice means victory or defeat. It’s intense.

And if you think you can just button mash your way to triumph, think again. This battle demands more. It’s like a complex dance of death. Since you need to watch your breath, your stamina. Patience is crucial, because that perfect, lethal strike isn’t something to be rushed. And that is exactly how Bevel Bakery feels about native Linux support.

…we didn’t have the time to make it work for now… It’s still on the table though. The game should work just fine on Proton in the meantime (And I think even with Steam Play).

This doesn’t mean a native is not coming for Sclash, it’s just delayed. And yes, Proton support for this Unity 3D game works perfectly. Which should spell victory for a port as well. And its good. Just watch the trailer.

Sclash – Release Date Trailer

Sclash is beautiful too, not just intense. Every scene is hand-drawn, and you’re battling out in settings that look like they’ve been lifted from a painter’s canvas. Since you are part of a gorgeous picture, every slash of your sword a brushstroke in the unfolding drama.

You’ve have the choice of five different warriors. That’s right, five unique ways to experience the battle. And it’s not just the offline battles thatSclash get your heart racing. Since they’re putting the final touches on an online mode as well. You’ll also be unlocking more than 50 skins for your warriors across 16 epic stages.

But hey, if you like a good backstory, then the Sclash Story Mode is just that. Immerse yourself in a plot inspired by Japanese culture, a tale of the conflict between the Aki and Natsu clans. It’s like playing through a samurai movie.

There’s a small update though. The team is still perfecting the Rollback Netcode for the online mode, so that might not be available right at launch. But don’t worry, they’re making sure it’ll be totally worth the wait.

Get ready for August 4th, 2023. Sclash the 2D samurai fighting game is coming first to Windows PC, then Linux. But Proton support works well, at least until the native build is available on Steam and Humble Store.

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