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Scrapnaut base building survival is due for support

scrapnaut base building survival is due for support on linux with windows pc

Scrapnaut base building survival game is due to get support for Linux after Windows PC. Thanks to further details from developer SpiffyBit. Which is currently via Steam Early Access and GOG games in development. Along with 85% Very Positive reviews.

Scrapnaut is due to make its way out of Early Access. The full version will be available on September 15th on Windows PC. However, reaching out to developer SpiffyBit, they have Linux plans too.

We plan to release game on Linux in one month from now. Game is on Unity engine.

Since this is a very recent email, we have a one month window. As SpiffyBit are keeping to their FAQ and to the other Steam Discussions comment from March. This means that everyone that has varying luck with the Prologue via Proton. Well, you will be able to jump into the native build soon. Plus, Scrapnaut is playable via co-op and singleplayer. And what better platform to play on than Linux?

Scrapnaut Full Release Teaser

Scrapnaut is a top-down survival base building game with steampunk elements. Explore an open world with different biomes. This also means you will have to take care of oxygen and manage farms. Then generate electricity, build your home, and fight with enemies.

Scrapnaut in the early access version was warmly received by fans. So the developers are smart, expanding platform support after the long wait for the full version. The game is complete and hopefully bug free.

You will be able to change the game mode to online cooperation, even if you start in single player mode. Then create your own farm and produce food. Use your cooking pot and discover different types of meals. Letting you collect the necessary resources to build your base, fix damaged items, and complete quests.
While you produce and store electrical energy in Scrapnaut. Also, prepare yourself for enemy raids. Each biome allows you to build various unique items. Create and improve your equipment. Since a good weapon and armor will help you survive. But, when your opponent is much stronger than you, just run.

What’s new in the full version?

  • A new volcano biome
  • Plus new quests
  • New enemies
  • New raw material (quartz) + light bulbs
  • Colorful backpack lamps (4 new versions added)
  • New blueprints to find
  • Secret locations
  • Item shredder
  • Recycling machine
  • Puzzles
  • Ending

Scrapnaut base building survival is currently only available on Windows PC. But the game’s due to release in a couple of days, followed by that Linux build. Which is coming in a month. Which is only priced at $13.99 USD on Steam Early Access and GOG games in development. Do note, the price is also expected to increase after September 15th.

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