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Screenshots for Killing Floor 2 for the upcoming horror co-op shooter

Tripwire interactive’s recently announced sequel to its horror co-op shooter, Killing Floor 2, has received a fresh batch of screenshots showing what monster’s innards are made of, among other things.

The screens show a much better looking game than its predecessor, along with the upgraded #melee and dismemberment system that is said to be inspired by #SoldierofFortune.

Catch the screenshots in the gallery below, courtesy of AGB.

Killing Floor 2_screenshot1 Killing Floor 2_screenshot2 Killing Floor 2_screenshot3

Killing Floor 2_screenshot4 Killing Floor 2_screenshot5 Killing Floor 2_screenshot6

Killing Floor 2_screenshot7 Killing Floor 2_screenshot8 Killing Floor 2_screenshot9

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