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Sea of Stars nostalgic RPG launch is Verified

sea of stars turn-based rpg game launch is verified for the linux powered steam deck via windows pc

Sea of Stars turn-based RPG game launch is Verified for the Linux powered Steam Deck via Windows PC. Sabotage Studio worked its magic into creating a successful title. Available on Steam with 86% Very Positive reviews.

Sea of Stars takes you away to a vibrant world where two young heroes, Valere and Zale, embark on a quest brimming with magic and mystery. This world is brought to life by Sabotage Studio – the same people behind 2018’s hit, The Messenger (also Verified on Steam Deck), also playable on Linux.

At the heart of Sea of Stars, we have the Children of the Solstice, Valere and Zale. Think of them as two kids chosen by fate. They’re also training to be Solstice Warriors, the only ones who can stand against The Fleshmancer, a menacing villain causing chaos. What makes them unique? They harness Eclipse Magic, a rare power blending the sun and moon. While allowing them to conjure very unique spells.

In Sea of Stars, they encounter allies like Seraï, a swift assassin who can create portals using her sharp blades. There is Garl, a kind-hearted warrior who’s also a whiz in the kitchen. Each character, with their own talents and quirks, plays a pivotal role in this gripping tale.

Critics everywhere are hailing the Sea of Stars turn-based RPG. With its high scores and glowing reviews, it’s no surprise. People are also praising its original approach to classic role-playing adventures. Along with its brilliant world full of exploratory delights.

Sea of Stars | Launch Trailer


  • Dynamic Battles: No need to wait your turn here. You’ll press buttons in time with animations, making battles far deeper. Sea of Stars is a mix of thrilling action with strategy, where you can block enemy moves so you can strike at key points.
  • Freestyle Exploration: Navigate through this world with the grace of a parkour artist. Swim, climb, and jump as you wish, while breaking the mold of the usual step by step movements in similar games.
  • Intriguing Stories: The Sea of Stars tale isn’t just about saving the world. It offers emotional moments, silly interactions, and jaw-dropping surprises. Each character adds depth to this memorable journey.
  • Strategic Combat Without Repetition: If you’re struggling with an opponent, you don’t need to spend hours repeating the same tasks to level up. Instead, rethink your strategy, then you’ll see progress.
  • Interactive World Activities: Take a break from battles to go fishing or sailing. You can also listen to a song at a local tavern or play “Wheels”, a tabletop pastime. This world is alive and waiting for you to delve into its treasures.
  • Gorgeous Visuals: With radiant lighting and a cycle of day and night, every scene feels alive and dynamic. It’s a modern take on pixel art, and it’s even more unique, given the theme of sun and moon powers.
  • Adding a bonus, Sea of Stars boasts an enchanting soundtrack co-composed by the legendary Yasunori Mitsuda. Who has also worked on some iconic titles.

Price and Availability:

Sea of Stars isn’t just another turn-based RPG game in the vast sea of adventures. It’s a testament to Sabotage Studio’s commitment to pushing boundaries, crafting a rich, expansive, and utterly deep game experience. Available to play on Linux and Steam Deck via Proton (Verified) with Windows PC. Priced at $34.99 USD / £29.50 / 33,99€ on Steam.

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