Sealark, Mac and Linux support goal met on Kickstarter

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It seems many Kickstarter campaigns are really taking advantage of multi-platform support. In particular, Linux and Mac. Or in some cases, Mac and Linux.
No matter how you look at it, gaining more pledges on a crowdfunding platform is always a hit and miss. Especially for smaller game title looking to capture an audience.
But not in the case of Clairvoire (aka. Joshua Cross), with Sealark, an Oceanic Adventure Game. A project that recently hit the campaigns $5000 pledge goal within the first couple of days and has moved on to further its stretch goals. Namely, offering Linux and Mac support.

Here is the official announcement:

Mac and Linux support goal met! New stretch goals revealed!
Update #2 · Sep. 16, 2012

If you run Mac or Linux, then by golly you’re getting fishing game’d too, support is now official! I’m happy to now have the resources to make this happen, thank you!

New stretch goals revealed, new reward tier!

The next tier of goals involves more content! Namely, weather simulationand television! Why TV? It seemed like a cool theme to wrap what is, at it’s core, more characters, areas, and lore to the game! I’m really excited to see these goals getting met like this! We’re going to make this game something to remember!

The new reward is a 20 dollar tier. If we hit the $12000 goal, all people who backed at 20 dollars or more will gain a .pdf version of the illustrated game manual, (this includes the 25 dollar tier, who will get the digital copy in addition to the physical one!)

The kickstarter is literally less than 2 days old, and we’ve come so far. I’m blown away by how amazing you’ve all been, thank you all so much!

Now, with all these different campaigns hitting their pledge goals. It is really interesting when you come across an innovative and inspiring title. And in this case, one that has drawn its inspiration from EarthboundHomestuckCave Story, and a bit of Harvest Moon.


Sealark is about a girl who really likes to fish! She is the last fisherman in the whole world! A world that is flooded, populated by only fish people, and of course, fish. And talking birds too, I guess. The point is that the fishing is really good! Until one day, our hero Dove finds a strange boat, and everything changes.

Fishing a bunch of fish, meeting a bunch of folks, solving some tough puzzles, beating up some bosses, and a little dating if that’s the kind of fisherman you are.

The goals for this game are pretty straight forward!

  • Lots of fish to catch; lots of bosses to defeat!
  • Big open world to explore!
  • Tell an involved, complex, story with a cast of eccentric characters.
  • Over 16 characters to befriend, antagonize, or even court.
  • The friends and rivals you make will shape how your story unfolds.
  • Don’t let it take itself too seriously!

Clairvoire, will be writing, programming, and animating! If you want an example of his spriting beyond the screens on Kickstarter, take a gander through Joshua Cross’ tumblr art tag! He has been programming and spriting for the past 6 years now, and rather pleased to have the chance at making this game since its original planning 2 years ago.

A talented musician Flashygoodness will be composing the musical score and designing all the sounds! He is a one man band and scored loads of stuff before this, including Tower of Heaven! Check out his page and find out what you’re in store for!

If you’d like to download the track from the video above. Click here!


Stretch goals!

  • $8000 – Expanded content, such as extra characters, bosses, and the game will span across seasons, each area changing to match the time of year!
  • $10000 – support for both Mac and Linux!
  • $12000 – All physical copies of the game will come with an illustrated game manual, filled with art! (This will unlock the $20 reward tier too, for a digital pdf of the manual! Physical copies also get the pdf of course!)
  • $15000 – I will ensure there be at least 151 fish to catch, and double the screen filling bosses in the main game, and with them, bonus areas and endgame challenges!
  • $20000 – Indepth Weather and News! It turns out TVs are still pretty popular! Bonus news anchors and meteorologist characters, who attempt to predict what the fully simulated weather system (also included with this goal) has in store for different areas of the world!
  • $20000 – For every $2000 raised beyond this goal, Dove can afford a new channel for her Television, using advanced pelican carrier technology! Cooking, gameshows, sports, music, shark week, and who knows what else!
  • More goals will be added should we surpass these!

The development time, after factoring every goal in mind and the story’s length, has brought the team around to 9 months, aiming to have the game released by July 2013!


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