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Second Front tactical WW2 and game support

second front tactical WW2 and game support for linux and windows pc

Second Front tactical WW2 and game support for Linux beside Windows PC. Details according to developer Hexdraw. The release is coming to Steam when it’s ready.

Second Front offers a unique and infinitely replayable WW2 wargaming experience. While including turn based actions in a unique singleplayer game. Managing officers and groups of soldiers manning weapons. Such as MG’s and flamethrowers. Players maneuver tanks and other historical vehicles. All on dynamic battlefields.

Since Second Front is the tactical WW2 game for genre enthusiasts. Hexdraw is creating the game you always wanted. While sporting a full fledged 3D engine and an easy to use user interface. The game is also easy to play but hard to master. Why is that? This is a project born from the developers’ passion and experience. While taking inspiration from realistic and deep tabletop tactical board games.
Playing Second Front is deeper than your average X-Com clone. Including competent AI and a powerful editor to create scenarios and campaigns. A dream of tactical players for quite a long time.

Linux Support:

Naturally with all of these features, we reached out via Steam. Here is what the developer has to say about support:

While we are enthusiastic about linux and the linux community in general. Making sure a linux version does run on all distributions would take some considerate time. We would want to do it right from the start. And also make sure that the game runs on older distros or more obscure machines. At the moment we are seriously considering it. But we can’t promise anything yet.

Since this more of a heads up rather than a Second Front confirmation. The fact that Hexdraw are taking consideration to Linux is worth a mention. It’s also important to point out the focus on different distros. Something not always mentioned. And in case you’re curious, the game engine is Unity 3D.

Second Front – Steam Trailer


  • Turnbased strategic WW2 wargame on 3D hexgrid maps with accessible buildings and hills with up to 4 levels, hedges and brick walls to give you cover.
  • About 200 lovingly designed tanks, halftracks, trucks, guns, small weapons, flamethrowers, smoke dispensers … all in 3D and also with an info card for better handling.
  • Highlighted LOS
  • Turn turrets, chose between different turret guns and MGs on your tanks, pick up or drop MGs, throw smoke grenades, transport soldiers in trucks and halftracks.
  • AI with surprising clever and unpredictable actions – beware!

Second Front comes with multiple campaigns covering different fronts of World War II and sporting German, American and Russian units.Scenarios are fought in a 60 turns battle cycle, from morning to night. Fight and rest or push your troops to the limit and press the attack. These are not set-pieces scripted battles but continuous emergent skirmishes with persistent loss, fatigue, and experience.

The release and price for Second Front is still “to be announced”. But due to arrive on Windows PC. But with game support for Linux, the developers “are seriously considering it”. Make sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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