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Second Hand: Frankies Revenge support plan

second hand frankies revenge support plan in linux windows pc games

Second Hand: Frankies Revenge brings challenging action to Windows PC, but also has support plans for Linux. We reached out to indie developer Rikodu. Who just released the game in Early Access. With 92% Positive reviews.

Second Hand: Frankies Revenge invites you into murder-bot mayhem. So you can wreak mechanical destruction in the four player game. Including co-op and multiplayer action. A party game with a lot of action.

Available now for Windows PC via Steam, Frankies Revenge features bolts-to-the-wall action. Where players can either solo. And also play allies locally or online. Seeking vengeance against an onslaught of alien controlled robotic renegades. While crafting your own “Frankie” bots from junkyard scraps. Those who master the art of bolting together everyday items. Can master trash-tacular warriors to dish Second Hand: Frankies Revenge.

The junkyard was once a peaceful place. Where humankind’s trash became more than just treasures to a few. Where the sentient machine Frankie called this place home. Until the day THEY invaded. So now cast aside and ready to rise from the junkyard. B.A.M.F.-bot Frankie is out for revenge. So he can face off against the megalomaniacal aliens. And those who threaten the world of machines. So prepare yourself.

Linux Support:

“We’re using Unity for Second Hand: Frankies Revenge. So we could theoretically have it working on Linux. But it’s not currently on the roadmap. We are planning to release on PC and all major consoles this year. The PC launch will be exclusive exclusive to Steam for Windows at the beginning. But we’ll consider additional distribution platforms and OS’s. Once Frankie’s Revenge is out on our main targets.”

So this is the reply back in March 2019. I was hoping there might be a change. Since Second Hand: Frankies Revenge just released on Early Access. But the focus is on Windows PC. Which we should all be used to by now.
But the team are eager for a Linux release. And as a small team they have to “prioritize”. Which is also a good time to Wishlist on Steam.

Second Hand: Frankies Revenge – Early Access Trailer (Windows, then Linux)

In Second Hand: Frankies Revenge, players can build their own Frankie-bots. Since you can patch everything piece-by-piece. Customizing each component — body, head and legs. Also change the main weapon and offhand weapons. Doing so to suit your own playstyle. Some parts work well together naturally. So you can achieve classic squad roles. Such as tank and support. Affecting Frankies overall health, energy, speed, and weight.
Other combinations require a bit more creativity and finesse. With dozens of wacky parts. Also hundreds of combinations to choose from. Friends can squad up and roll out. Making their way across the vast junkyard to save Frankie’s home.


  • Robot Crushing Combat: Second Hand: Frankies Revenge brings the thunder through challenging, top-down combat. Where players must master unique part skills. And also devise strategies to survive the onslaught. Facing vicious enemies such as Senior Cleaners. As well as the Foremen, Boilees, or big, bad bosses, Juicy Joe, and Le Kraque.
  • Customize Machines of Carnage: With dozens of parts to choose from. Each with their own distinct look, features and abilities. While players create robot warriors to fit their own playstyle. Wack enemies with a tennis ball launcher. Repair damage quickly with a defibrillator head. Tank for the team with a boiler body. Anything to become the ultimate gear-crunching bot.
  • Home is Where the Microprocessor is: Strategize in The Hideout. The Second Hand: Frankies Revenge player’s personal headquarters. Deck it out in the finest scraps and junkyard treasures. Give it that homey feel, perfect for oil-thirsty revenge plots.
  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Although the mass of mechanical meanies may seem daunting. Local and online co-operative gameplay. Including up to four players helps cut them down to size. Your survival will depend on it.

Second Hand: Frankies Revenge is available now for Windows PC. Priced at $15.99 USD on Steam Early Access. So make sure to Wishlist on Steam for Linux support.
Free upcoming content updates. Which also includes new robot parts and emotes. A “revenge board” with challenges, rewards, and new game modes.

Keep current with all the robot-wrecking devastation. Follow Second Hand: Frankies Revenge on Twitter, liking on Facebook, and joining the official Discord.