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Sector Six shoot em up launches on Steam

sector six shoot em up launches on steam for linux and windows

Sector Six shoot em up launches now on Steam for Linux and Windows. Since you are now under attack by the Machines. You have to take action against the massive automatic spaceships that are destroying everything.

Sector Six is doing very well in Steam reviews, holding a solid 100% Positive. Which is in itself, you know, positive. But also surprising for a shoot em up game.

Since no weapon can stop the Machines, the only hope is the Elder Mechanism. An ancient device of the mighty Almadi civilization, which colonized Sector Six a long time ago.

So you have to take the role of the Negati Armada’s best fighter. And due to a dramatic chain of events receives the Elder Mechanism.
Therefore you must go on an epic journey across the mysterious Sector. Develop your spaceship and activate the Elder Mechanism. Then and only then will you be able to defeat the Machines, before it’s too late.

Build your spaceship from procedural parts, obtained by destroying minions of the Machines and completing missions.
Every part has various properties and can be placed anywhere on the building field, allowing you to customize performance and appearance of your spaceship however you want.

Sector Six shoot em up Official Trailer (Linux, Windows)


Sector Six is an elegant and innovative RPG shoot em up hybrid. The core feature of Sector Six is the unique spaceship building from randomly generated parts. Which are available by destroying enemies, the minions of the Machines.

Sector Six launches on Steam:

The games now available on Steam for Linux and Windows. While regularly priced at $9.99 USD, there is a 40% discount until September 14th. Which brings the price down to $5.99 USD. Also definitely worth the investment.

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