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Seeds of Resilience now available on Early Access

seeds of resilience now available on early access for linux mac windows

Seeds of Resilience singleplayer strategy simulation is now available on Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows. Or you could also get the game on Itch. Either way, the purchase includes Steam access and a discount.

Seeds of Resilience has the play building a village on a desert island. Sounds risky, right? Well you have to prepare for merciless natural disasters. Because it’s not a peaceful place apparently.

So you ! Learn to choose the right items, understand nature’s behaviour and use real medieval construction and craft techniques in this turn-base management game.

Seeds of Resilience Early Access Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • Patiently go through the steps of re-creating a civilization. Start with a stone axe and a shelter made out of branches. Then build elaborate houses and mechanized workshops.
  • Survive in a harsh environment. Since storms and other natural disasters occur way too often.
  • Turn based: Take all the time you need to plan your actions. When you’re done, click the end turn button and start a new day.
  • Detailed building construction: Choose natural resources according to their properties. Also using them to craft the materials you need to assemble a building.
  • Realistic medieval construction and craft techniques. Everything could be made in real life the same way.
  • Observe the environment response to human activity. Maybe you should avoid fishing everyday at the same spot or cut down the whole forest.

Developer note:

“Please note that if you leave a review while activating this key. The review will not really “count” in the Steam algorithm. So for us it’s way better if you directly buy the game on Steam again (we know, it sucks). If you’re tight on money, we totally understand! We’re already amazed that you supported us by buying the game!”

Available on Early Access and Itch with discount:

So good news, Seeds of Resilience has a 15% discount until July 11th on Linux, Mac and Windows. So you can jump into gameplay with the cost effective price of $11.89 USD on Steam.

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