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Seeker: Quest dungeon crawler to geta a port

seeker quest monster collecting dungeon crawler game is due to get a linux port with windows pc

Seeker: Quest the charming monster collecting dungeon crawler game is due to get a Linux port with Windows PC. The creative minds at Jestercraft have truly outdone their latest innovation. Working to make its way onto Steam.

If you’re into monster collecting and enjoy a good challenge, you’ll want to hear about Seeker: Quest. It’s the newest piece of a bigger puzzle known as the Seeker Universe. This title is about getting your own team of monsters, exploring dungeons, and battling it out in a lively way.

As someone who’s spent a good deal of time exploring virtual worlds and testing the limits of Linux gaming, I’m excited to talk about Seeker: Quest. This is a new game from the creators of the Seeker Universe, and it’s open for players to try out in a demo version, playable via Proton.

We will definitely port it to Linux, but right now we just need to make sure we test it properly before the release.

The team at Jestercraft is eager to bring Seeker: Quest to even more players with a native Linux port. Thanks to the title being built in Construct 3, the transition promises to be smooth. However, they’re committed to quality, aiming to thoroughly test and offer a flawless launch.

What stands out in Seeker: Quest is its focus on monster collecting and powering up. Since each has their own special ways of taking on enemies. It’s not just about having a strong line-up; it’s about finding the monsters that fit your play style. Imagine having a team of unique creatures, each with unique abilities that can be enhanced as you progress.

Dive into unique levels full of enemies. The action doesn’t slow down, offering a mix of strategy and quick reflexes. Due to facing off against big bosses and surprising, fast-paced combat. It’s the kind of game where every choice can turn the tide of a battle.

Seeker: Quest Monster Collecting Dungeon Crawler


First, there’s the collectible aspect. You’ll be gathering a range of monsters known as Seeker monsters. Like trading cards or action figures, each one is distinct, with its style of combat and skills that you can unlock and upgrade.

The second part is the exploration and combat. You’re not just walking through these dungeons; you’re fighting your way through. Every Seeker: Quest level design will challenge you with enemies and bosses that require quick thinking and reflexes.

Customization plays a big role. As you find items and artifacts, you can customize your monsters to fit your play style. Whether you want a monster that’s all about defense or one that hits with a strong offense, you can make that happen.

The Seeker: Quest combat design is engaging. This is due to let you use a range of tactics, like setting traps or using power-ups, to take down your enemies. It’s all about the satisfaction of a well-executed plan or the thrill of an unexpected victory.

Lastly, there’s also the excitement of unlocking new Seeker monsters. Every monster starts as an egg that you find and hatch. Although you don’t know what kind of monster will come out to join your team, offering new strategies and team dynamics.

Seeker: Quest is a dungeon crawler where the excitement comes from growing a team of monsters. While you customize them to fit your way of playing, and take on ever-evolving challenges in a dynamic setting. It’s about strategy, and action while making the most out of the surprises that come your way as you explore the depths of each level. Due to evolve onto Linux with Windows PC via Steam. The release date is still TBD.

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