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SELINI metroidvania will certainly get a port

selini metroidvania will certainly get a port linux and windows pc

SELINI is an alluring 2.5D metroidvania game for Linux and Windows PC coming to Kickstarter. Thanks to further details from father and son developer CYMBAN. Working to make its way onto Steam after the Kickstarter crowdfunding.

SELINI puts the players in a ruined and dystopian world. While letting you discover its lore by yourself, simply by observing. Since there is no text or speech in the entire game, the whole story is unravels by the settings. Including the gameplay itself, colors, body language, etc. What is certain, is that the game wants to provoke the player. Due to test you about environmental, social, and ethical beliefs. That test will also include Linux support.

Regarding your question, there will certainly be a Linux version on release.

Having received an email from CYMBAN explaining SELINI, my curiosity peaked. Of course, I can confirm that the game is being developed in Unity 3D. Plus there is a Kickstarter campaign coming, with a Demo. But the Demo will only offer a Windows PC build. Due to CYMBAN focusing their attention on marketing. They are an indie dev team after all. But with Proton, this should be a solid plan B, until the full release. But first, check out the trailer.

SELINI Kickstarter Announcement Trailer

Blending the contrasting styles of games like Inside and Hollow Knight. SELINI becomes a 2.5D metroidvania adventure game focused on exploring a dystopian world. One that is due to test you with tough enemies. Explore by paying attention to body language, symbols, colours, and sounds.

SELINI offers a natural flow to the players since text, speech are absent. So there is no unnecessary UI and no cutscenes that will interrupt the experience. The game invites the player to lead the way by paying attention. It also includes a crispy combat system that consists of engaging and responsive controls. One that will give you the freedom to dive stubbornly into deep conflict.

SELINI 2.5D metroidvania game is coming, so be sure to add it to your Steam Wishlist. But gearing up for Kickstarter crowdfunding soon. Along with support for Linux and Windows PC.