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Semispheres stealth puzzle earlier release date but support delayed

semispheres stealth puzzle earlier release date but Linux delayed

So Semispheres, the game of #stealth, puzzles and parallel universes, coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Hence #gamepaly that merges to test your mettle in, a mind-bending #puzzle game coming in April from Vivid Helix. so if you have the skills to manipulate two characters in two different worlds. Hence working together to simultaneously solve one overall puzzle.

Semispheres has been Greenlit on Steam, since a retail release this February on Steam. Hence, ahead of the expect April release.
So we reached out to developer Vivid Helix, they are on schedule with the launch. However, a Linux and Mac release will not take place until after the Windows release.

Semispheres release date:

“Good timing Todd!

I’m releasing mid February but unfortunately I’ll delay Linux and Mac. I ran into some issue especially with controllers and I’d like to fix those before release. I’m doing PS4 and Windows to start with and that’s starting to look like too much already for a one-man team…

It’s the first thing I’m looking at after I release for sure. I did testing with some folks from r/linux_gaming (or something similar) and there were a couple of popular distros that were causing problems.”

Since Semispheres is a single-player stealth puzzler where players simultaneously control two characters in connected parallel realities. Hence the game is a mix of mind-bending puzzles and motor coordination challenges. While later levels introduce the co-op aspect of the game where the two sides need to work together. Or sometimes simultaneously in order to progress.

For more information please visit the official website for Semispheres or follow on Twitter.


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