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SENSEs: Midnight will test you in the native port

senses: midnight survival horror game will test you in the port for linux with windows pc

SENSEs: Midnight survival horror game will test you in the port for Linux with Windows PC. This is all due to the madness and engaging ideas from developer SUZAKU Games. Creeping its way onto Steam next month.

In the Midsummer 2022 Showcase, SUZAKU announced SENSEs: Midnight. Which is also the first in an anthology of sequels to Sense – A Cyberpunk Ghost Story. Due to arrive on PC first, July 22nd. And now available to Wishlist on Steam. Intrigued and very curious about the game, an email to SUZAKU followed. Here’s the reply.

SENSEs: Midnight was developed in Unity, and we do have a Linux build in the works.

While this is good news for Linux games, the SUZAKU team has had issues. Since the team found some minor visual glitches / bugs and some controller support issues. Currently, they are working through it but should have Linux available at launch. While hoping to get those issues worked out.

SENSEs: Midnight Announcement Trailer

SENSEs: Midnight is the originally creation of SUZAKU Games. With character designs by series creator Benjamin Widdowson. Also featuring a standalone story that may be enjoyed by newcomers. As well as fans of the series’ previous entry. While taking inspiration from genre classics. SENSEs: Midnight also turns back the clock on survival horror with old-school tank controls and fixed camera angles. While presenting its haunting story in an immersive 3D style. All taking place in a dystopian cyberpunk vision of future Tokyo.

Due to cast the SENSEs: Midnight player as a university student with a passion for occult and paranormal phenomena. While in Japan visiting family, she looks into a local urban legend but quickly gets in over her head. As she awakens a vengeful spirits who pursues her through a lonely night of terror in Ikebukuro Walking Park.

Digital pricing for SENSEs: Midnight on Steam will be $11.99 USD / £9.29 / 9,99€. There will also be a 20% launch discount available for a limited time following the July 22nd release. Along with support for Linux and Windows PC.

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