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Sentinels of Freedom a tactical Kickstarter

sentinels of freedom turn-based tactical kickstarter for mac windows no linux

Sentinels of Freedom is a turn-based digital tactical game for Mac and Windows, not Linux on Kickstarter. Which takes inspiration based on the upcoming Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game. Also designed by Critical Hits studio in conjunction with Christopher Badell of Greater Than Games. Currently running a successful crowdfunding campaign.

So this sounds rather intriguing, right? Well that’s not quite the case. We reached out to developer Underbite Games (Super Dungeon Tactics) to see about Linux support. Seeing that Mac and Windows is already listed on the Kickstarter

Linux Support:

“Right now we are not setup to really support Linux but if there is enough interest – would be willing too.

Game engine is Unity.

We are certainly open to the idea. Might mean we crest a group of people external to help test and make sure the quality is equal to other platforms.”

So this is something of a vetted interest. Since Linux is not supported out of the gate. And my reply outlined the significant percentage of Unity 3D based games that makes up the Linux catalogue on Steam.
Also, this type of game reminds me of the Battle Chasers: Nightwar Kickstarter. Again built in the same game engine. The game also had a crowdfunding campaign back in 2015, supporting only Mac and Windows. Which now has a native beta available on Steam.

Therefore, it’s time again to show that Tux Love on Kickstarter. I know, I know, this is a common request in LGC news. But do note, your support will be greatly rewarded. We could very well have another Linux release.

Sentinels of Freedom tactical Kickstarter (Windows, Mac, no Linux)

So prepare for a story-driven campaign within the Sentinel Comics universe. as you join forces with an ever-growing team of heroes to face a wide variety of villains. What seems like a typical bank heist reveals itself to be just the tip of a much more sinister plan! Create your hero, lead your team, and save the world!


  • Build your Team – select from the many available heroes and unlock more throughout
  • Character Personalities – heroes will have likes, dislikes, and preferences which influence the mission
  • Full story campaign – writers and creators from Sentinel Comics
  • Freeform movement – Turn Based game that allows you to move anywhere
  • Squad dynamics – heroes or villains can work together for more powerful actions
  • Living Environments – multiple objectives, interactions and dangers
  • Adaptive AI – enemies will start to adjust to current tactics and also make long term changes to strategy
  • What kind of hero will you be?
    Create your Hero – choose backstory, archetype, powers, and appearance


Sentinels of Freedom turn-based tactical game is funded on Kickstarter. Coming to Mac and Windows thus far. So check out the crowdfunding campaign and show that Tux Love.

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