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Serious Sam: Tormental twin stick shooter port

serious sam tormental twin stick shooter port linux windows games

Serious Sam: Tormental twin stick shooter is now on Windows, where is the games Linux port? So we reached out to the staff at Croteam. Since Gungrounds are hard at work with the Early Access release.

Developed as part of the Croteam Incubator division. Serious Sam: Tormental is a rogue-lite twin stick shooter. Since players embark on a journey through the mind of a demigod of destruction. Players will face Mental’s wicked creations. While roaming dark dungeons, beating various challenges. And discovering secrets on the way.

Linux Support:

“As much as we respect Linux and consoles. We have to think about production costs and time needed for ports.
So yeah, nothing is out of the question yet. It all depends on how well Serious Sam: Tormental will be received. And if there will be enough interest for those ports. Please bear with us a little longer. We should know more as we come closer to full release.”

As much as this is good news. There is still no currently Linux port. But the email reply I received points out similar details. Since the dev’s are “focused on polishing the existing version of the game during Early Access.”
Again this only states that we will not have a release now. But based on the games success, we can expect something later. But I have tested Serious Sam: Tormental on Proton. It does work deliciously well. So not a bad alternative. But makes sure to Wishlist on Steam.

Serious Sam: Tormental Early Access Trailer (Windows, later Linux)

Serious Sam: Tormental is fully playable solo. And also with a friend in couch co-op. The game features four playable characters and three different worlds. With randomly generated areas that offer endless replayability.


  • Fight against the wicked imaginations inside the mind of Mental. A destructive god and Serious Sam’s arch enemy. All in an attempt to stop him once and for all.
  • Rich with content and replayability: procedurally generated dungeons. Characters with unique abilities. Randomized pools of powerful upgrades. And tons of fun Serious Weapons ™.
  • The Vault ™: The final area contains many secrets and links to Mental’s identity. Also giving you more goals than just “defeat the final boss”. You will need to beat many challenges. While working to stop Mental once and for all.
  • Mindmap: discover hidden ideas inside of Mental’s mind. – What enemies, weapons, and items is he imagining to use. All in the real world? Acquire those ideas, and use them by yourself. Can you discover all of them in Serious Sam: Tormental?
  • Every run, gather and combine random gun parts to construct unique powerful weapons.
  • Quests: beat various challenges to unlock new worlds, characters, Serious Weapons ™ and upgrades. Over time, you will discover new places hidden inside of Mental’s mind.
  • Play together in local Co-op mode. Face stronger bosses. While you compete for (or share!) XP and revive each other with ankh pickups!
  • Tight mechanics and controls. Gamepad friendly. Also precise visual collision similar to 2D games.

The game launches with an Early Access promising new perks. Also more, areas, characters in the weeks and months to follow. For more information please visit Serious Sam: Tormental on Steam.

Serious Sam: Tormental is now available via Steam Early Access. The twin stick shooter is riced at $11.99 USd / 9,99€. The games available on Windows, but also look good for Linux as well.